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MAY 08

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"We have both tap and generic propecia cheap bottled water available at our workplace but the ..."

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New York State Agencies Switching from Bottled to we like it cheap cialis order online Tap

Earlier this week, New York Governor David Paterson ordered all state agencies to stop buying and using bottled water and instead make water fountains and tap water dispensers available for employees, if they aren't already.

Large, cooler-sized water bottles are to be phased out as well as the single-serving bottles. Paterson cited economic and environmental reasons for enforcing the switch, saying that taxpayers pay for clean drinking water and it should be used and that bottled water is wasteful and requires large amounts of energy to transport.

State agencies will be monitored to make sure they are complying with the new rule.

The New York State government follows the lowest price levitra generic online San Francisco city government, New York City Council and online cialis soft other jurisdictions in prohibiting bottled water. With environmental and economic concerns weighing on most city and state governments, it's likely many more areas will require the switch to tap water.

via New York Times

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written by Grizz, May 08, 2009
This pleases me, I keep sending hints to cialis best price my workplace's administrator and feel it is falling on levitra overnight delivery deaf ears. A order from higher up would be welcome indeed.
written by Makenna, May 08, 2009
My only problem with this is try it best quality levitra that the water from the water fountains at my school aren't filtered, and the water tastes like dirty toilet water. Also interesting is that we don't get heated water to wash our hands with, but the water in the water fountains will burn your lips.

Maybe this would work if there were some sort of regulations on the water fountains?
written by Banogi, May 09, 2009
I also hope government here in United Arab Emirates do the same thing. Travelling outside Dubai, water bottles are piling up on side roads. Beaches are littered with cigarette butts and plastics. Dubai and neighbouring states has the potential to be green. We just need a leader like the Governor of New York to come forward and make it happen.

A quick point to make.
written by Michael Rodino, May 09, 2009
First off, this is fantastic!
I'm involved in a group in Connecticut that actually helped make the entire Connecticut legislation stop using plastic water bottles, and actually got them free Nalgene bottles to use instead.
We worked with Beth Buy(West Hartford Rep) and got the whole state house to change over.
I'd hope that more states will follow Connecticut's lead(and now New York's lead)
written by s, May 09, 2009
f this is the case then I imagine residents would want to canadian viagra scam look seriously at the exceptions that Dick Cheney made to the purchase viagra overnight delivery Clean Water Bill passed in the 70s, allowing the natural gas drilling industry that uses extremely toxic fluids that are pumped into deep holes in the ground. Made by none other than Halliburton, the “fracking fluid” then seeps into the water table and mail order viagra without prescription has already started to affect the health and wellbeing of thousands of americans. please check josh fox’s documentary Rage against Nature to see how this directly affects New York.
New York State
written by Glenn, May 09, 2009
This is a great development and I can tell you from the perspective of where to order viagra online someone who switched to Brita-filtered tap water 5 years ago, it improved water quality if anything. The filter takes out the really bad stuff and at least it is a known quantity. It will also be a boon to a greener economy!
written by David Johnson, May 10, 2009
I would be afraid to drink tap water any where around that area.
that's fine but...
written by ed, May 12, 2009
if we could only urge the government to buy viagra online uk stop using chlorine and cheap cialis india flouride (they call it flouride but they are actually either sodium flouride or flourosillisic acid, both highly toxic and banned by the EPA to be dumped onto rivers and other water ways but apparently "OK" for people to drink) and use the cialis daily price European oxygenation method for clean water then it'll be excellent.

until the government stops dumping toxic substances in the water supply (yes, both Chlorine and Flouride are bad for humans since your liver can't detox them fast enough and they accumulate), people would keep using bottled water.

Flouride causes calcification of the pineal gland and flourination of bones which may lead to cancer. calcification of the pineal gland causes a significant reduction in melatonin production and triggers early puberty. chlorine robs your thyroid of essential iodine which is the actual cause of the obessity problem in the US.

add the other halogen - bromine - which has replaced iodine in bread and you have all three toxic halogens (flourine, bromine, chlorine) slowly attacking your body, causing obessity, cancer, and many other problems.

do some research on their effects and protect yourselves. flouride in small amounts will prevent tooth decay but they need to go directly to your teeth. ingesting it for a lifetime will cause problems, and that's the same for chlorine and bromine.

many european countries use oxygenation instead of chlorine, and they don't use flouride in their water although Britain has started implementing it though (they'll be sorry).
written by Fred, July 06, 2009
it helps as long as the tap water is clean and filtered
written by Scribe, September 07, 2009
Hopefully, this will encourage water cleanliness standards to rise. I'm not sure if the US uses atmosphere or oxygenation at all (or if those are, indeed, the same thing...forgive me for being an idiot about science), but I think we should start doing that.
Hydraulic Fracturing
written by John Dolan, January 01, 2010
I suppose that this is a great way to align the NYS employee's self interest with that of the people they represent. Specifically, I've been concerned about hydraulic fracturing (the process to buying cialis get at natural gas) and the potential impact on local drinking water. All NYS employees will now need to follow this issue more closely.
written by Orlando Lawyer, January 26, 2010
Tap water is subjected to higher standards than bottled water is. Tap water is so highly regulated now. I'm pretty sure I remember reading something about tap water being safer, may be remembering incorrectly though.
written by Karla, January 27, 2010
The whole bottled water craze is just everyone trying to be trendy and only today purchase levitra then justifying it by saying the water is cleaner.
written by Scott, February 05, 2010
This is great! There has never been a need for water in plastic bottles
written by insanity, February 28, 2010
We have both tap and bottled water available at our workplace but the tap water needs a massive cleaning so its hard to drink from it.

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