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London Testing Technology to Control Drivers' Speed, Reduce Emissions

Transport for London is beginning a six-month trial of a speed control technology called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) as a means to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and traffic accidents.

ISA works with GPS systems to import current speed limit maps for the city and to stop vehicle acceleration once the current speed limit is met. The technology can be set to an advisory mode where the current speed limit is simply displayed on we like it buy levitra 50 mg the dash or a manual override switch allows the driver to turn the system off completely.

Transport for London is trying out the technology in taxis, buses, and select service vehicles. The trial will monitor the effect that the levitra by mail system has on emissions and road safety. The trial report will then go to the Mayor of London and the technology may be made available to other organizations.

It's expected that the technology will benefit road safety much more than it will reduce emissions or fuel consumption, but the organization is hoping that to see improvements in those areas too.

via Green Car Congress

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written by Tobias, May 12, 2009
This reeks of Big Brother....
Sounds as a nice new option to adaptive
written by Wouter, May 13, 2009
... Big Brother? No, it's just an unit that knows the speedlimit for every road you ride on and helps you save on speed tickets.
There is buy viagra fedex no sign that goes out to authorities or others to notify where you are, who you are or notify anyone else that you are speeding.
Just helps you adapt you speed, and only if you want it (there is a button to disable it).
written by bill, May 13, 2009
I guess they don't consider passing other cars as being necessary any more.
written by KS, May 13, 2009
I am worried about when they decide to no longer offer the "disable" button.

I am inclined to think it won't work because the public will feel like their freedom is being taken away (consider psychological reactantance theory). It will only work if people can see a significant fuel cost-savings from the automatic control.
A smell lawsuit
written by Bitman362, May 18, 2009
That'll last until somebody dies because they were unable to accelerate to avoid an accident.
written by Fred, July 31, 2009
Thats going to be a lot of monitoring

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