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MAY 29

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New Labels for TVs Go Beyond Energy Star

A large consortium that includes electronics retailers and only today buy real cialis online without prescription manufacturers, the EPA and the Natural Resources Defense Council has agreed to levitra and diarrhea start labeling TVs with environmental impact ratings that are based on criteria beyond energy efficiency such as mercury, lead and other toxic content.

The labeling system is being called E-PEAT-for-TV after the E-PEAT labeling system for computers that is used for all government computer purchases. The rating system will be developed by the Institute of cialis discounted Electrical and Electronics Engineers and administered by the Green Electronics Council and should start appearing on TVs in the next 18 to 24 months.

The labeling system met a lot of resistance from manufacturers, but the long timeline to get the labels in place will most likely be to their benefit. Many consumers will be buying new digital TVs as the cialis for women switch from analog to digital broadcast signals takes place on June 12, which means lots of sales long before the labels show up.

No word yet on the exact criteria and ranking system, but it will likely be similar to the standards used for the original E-PEAT.

via Green Inc.


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written by Carl Hage, May 30, 2009
Unfortunately, the EPEAT test doesn't measure energy consuption or cost-- a major factor in new TVs. TV measuresments (look on CNET) show that the lifetime cost of some TVs for some people could be as much as $10,000 of electricity-- several times the cost of TVs. We badly need the enter site levitra alternative "EnergyGuide" stickers like for refrigerators.

Note the EPEAT test is not a score that quantifies (measures) the amount of toxic or green materials, etc.-- this is a count of brownie points for doing or not doing certain good or bad things, meeting or not meeting some minimum (including energy star). In other words, this is a count of qualitative measures (how many stars were rewarded for green activities), so comparisons mostly measure the size of corporate greenwashing programs. The same problems exist for all the other products. A product from a high scoring company might be much worse for the environment than a product from a lower scoring company, since the EPEAT scores aren't measurements.
written by Fred, July 20, 2009
i would need some more info on this sounds interesting

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