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"my bf uses his blackberry to look at real-time traffic stuff on maps. ..."

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Access to real viagra online without prescription Real-Time Traffic Can Cut Emissions by 21%

A study done by NAVTEQ, a navigation system data provider, found that using GPS systems with real-time traffic information can save drivers four days a year of driving time and can cut emissions by 21 percent.

NAVTEQ collected data on driving times of three types of drivers in Dusseldorf and Munich, Germany:  drivers without in-vehicle navigation, drivers with static navigation and drivers with real-time traffic navigation.  In total, the study reflects data from 2,100 individual trips, 2,000 km and 500 hours of driving.  The study showed the group with the real-time traffic alerts spent 18 percent less time getting to their destinations than the other two groups.

Over the course of low cost propecia a year, those savings add up to four days of travel time.  The study also states that the buy viagra now reduction in distance traveled and increase in fuel efficiency caused by choosing less congested routes would amount to a decrease in emissions of .79 metric tons per driver, or 21 percent per year.  They calculate that U.S. drivers would see the same savings as German ones.

Since this study was coordinated by a company that has a heavy interest in GPS sales, it's important to note that you don't need a GPS unit to get real-time traffic information.  Many smart phones are equipped with mapping software that gives you the same information and you can always check out your route online before leaving the house.

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Faux gadgeteer green
written by Golmekker, September 03, 2009
This 'study' was conducted by a navigation system provider - the figures must surely be plucked out of someone's ass.

Investment in public transport will have much longer lasting and significant benefit.
written by Hans, September 03, 2009
of course the study was contrived to only for you viagra for sale online favor the sponsor's product. but the numbers are entirely plausible for a congested region. here in Seattle, choosing the purchase viagra no rx right bridge based on this sort of data can easily halve my travel time, with corresponding reduction of fuel consumption.

Efficient transit will indeed have more benefit, but devices like these are low-hanging fruit, which don't interfere with the larger goal in *any way*. why insult it?
written by chia-yi, September 14, 2009
my bf uses his blackberry to look at real-time traffic stuff on maps. i wonder if there is also an app for iphones and levitra non prescription android phones.

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