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Senate Version of Climate Bill More Aggressive on GHG Emissions

The Senate version of the climate bill, updated from the version passed by the House back in June, will be released on Thursday, but a draft has been made available ahead of time.  While similar to best generic viagra the buy viagra online australia House version, it takes a more aggressive stance on greenhouse gas reductions.

The latest version of the bill calls for a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, where the earlier version called for a 17 percent cut by 2020, but the goal of an 83 percent reduction in emissions by 2050 remains the same.

Another major change is that it allows the EPA to factor in GHG emissions when considering biofuel-related land use changes, while the House version didn't allow emissions to be considered for the first six years.

Some changes other changes that should appeal to the opposition include more support for new nuclear power and best price generic viagra protections for utilities to keep costs in check for emissions permits.

The new draft is 801 pages long and an abridged version is available for download here.  All reports have indicated it faces an uphill fight in the how to get viagra Senate.

via LA Times


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