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JUN 11

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"@Iappus Crappus: *chuckles* Even "crazy" folk can have some good idea..."

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Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga Thinks Nuclear Power Is the Answer


The king of Tonga has told the nation's parliament that he believes the country should pursue nuclear power in order to meet its energy needs. The king is quoted as saying, "nature is dictating that we must look to we recommend levitra 100mg nuclear energy." A nuclear power station would also aid the country by providing desalinated water. At present, almost the entirety of the nation's electricity comes from diesel generators, and importing diesel fuel is an expensive proposition.

The country also has outlined an energy plan, developed in 2009, which has called for half of its power to come from renewable resources. The king's recommendation was unexpected in the face of these existing plans, and might be a calculated political move intended to draw further support from non-nuclear neighbors Australia and how much to buy viagra in pounds New Zealand.

Contemporary nuclear reactor designs are vastly larger than the visit our site sales viagra relatively modest electricity needs of Tonga.  One suggestion the viagra purchase king offered was to use the country as a test-bed for a small experimental reactor.  However, wind and solar could almost certainly be deployed less expensively to provide the 20 to 30 megawatts of capacity the country needs. And solar desalination systems are also in development, and could be used to address the country's freshwater problems.

via: BBC News

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written by Gary, June 12, 2010
Tonga is currently able to make their entire electricity supply needs from just a couple of lemon bushes and some copper electrodes, so I really have to wonder what they are really up to.

If Tonga is after nuclear power stations then it can only be because they want to get nuclear weaponry in order to destabilize the Pacific rim.

According to geologists, Tonga is situated on the top of a largely hollow volcanic undersea mountain chain.

It would be relatively easy for a team of New Zealand scuba divers to install demolition charges in the undersea mountain. This way, if Tonga starts to become an international pariah, it is 5mg cialis generic a simple matter to deploy the demolition charge to how can i buy viagra in canada enable Tonga to sink into the Pacific.

Wow. What?
written by TW Dragon, June 13, 2010
@Gary: sir, I honestly hope you are just being sarcastically humourous, I really do- because otherwise, your comment is just disgusting. O___O

Their power needs are modest, yes, but if you follow environmental news at all, you'll have known about the Copenhagen talks last year in October, and you'll also might recall that it was the small nation of online medications viagra Tonga who was one of the few that actually stood up to the U.S and other larger, more wealthy nations that were stupid enough to make ape-noises suggesting that Climate Change might not be as much of a hazard as some think. The Tongans told the world that Climate Change will not only affect them by effectively removing their islands, but that they are already seeing some of those changes starting: more and stronger storms, and more of their shoreline slowly being lost to rising seas.

The king of Tonga- however small a nation he might be the sovereign of- still realizes that if no-one takes the step to find alternatives to fossil fuels and other environmentally-destructive modes of power-generation, then we all lose. He was willing to cheap prescription levitra take the step.

Personally, I applaud the man for being forward-thinking.

As for xenophobic saber-rattling comments like yours, they belong in the land-fill (which we hopefully will also find alternatives for) along with other nonsense social atavisms like McCarthyism and the Cold War.
written by Gary, June 14, 2010
Regarding Copenhagen, it was the Chinese who put a carefully placed spanner in the works. Don't believe it? Read what the Australian Prime Minister (a noted Sinophile) has to say...

The Chinese were also the ones who conveniently released the ClimateGate emails which they had hacked previously.

Now for Tonga. Apart from it being a pleasant tourist destination for some, there is no reason for the click here levitra one a day country to demand special treatment. Tonga supplies New Zealand and Australian jails with a disproportionate number of inmates.

Tonga have access to renewable resources in the form of using cialis coconut oil (for diesel engines and cooking). They have abundant fresh water supplies (unfortunately they haven't heard of water storage facilities yet).

Tonga is not suffering from sea level rise any more than any other country with shorelines in the Pacific. The sea level rise in the Pacific has been pretty much constant at 1.5mm/year since the end of the last ice age.
written by Edward, June 14, 2010
The era of small nuclear units to generate 25Mwe has just begun. Completely enclosed and refrigerator size they are ideal as baseload for a small country like Tonga.Read about Hyperion Power Generation in New Mexico and China. The product known as the Hyperion Power Module is safe, sensible and affordable.
a reliable fruitcake
written by lappus crappus, June 15, 2010
the king of tonga is a reliable fruitcake and lives in a fantasy world of self-awarded medals, knickerbockers and shoes with large buckles. this proves it. he appears to be a number of things but one he is certainly not is a spokesperson for poor people suffering the effects of climate-change.
written by Dave K., June 23, 2010
The king's mental state aside any serious effort to address climate change will have to include nuclear power, something has to replace the baseload currently provided by coal in most places. Get used to it. Fortunantly there has been a great deal of progress in addressing nuclear's drawbacks, do some research before you dismiss it.
Couldn't help but laugh
written by Terrakian Dragon, July 01, 2010
@Iappus Crappus: *chuckles* Even "crazy" folk can have some good ideas. Crazy doesn't always equal stupid, however. Now, if the man is just doing this for world attention and not for any other reason, so what? Does it really matter? He's still pushing for alternatives to fossil fuels for power. His sartorial choices aside, it's still a laudable thought, even from a "reliable fruitcake". smilies/wink.gif

@Gary: I'm not certain how anyone can think a call to tramadol online no prescription seek alternatives to fossil fuels is a bid for special treatment, but I'll go have a wander through the Copehagen news again to find out what exactly was said- if he's even quoted (he wasn't often quoted in the reports I'd seen).

As for the Chinese, strange that they're the wow look it cialis usa ones who "threw a spanner into the works", considering all of viagra canada online pharmacy the palaver about their own green alternatives research and female viagra pills construction-plans. But then, they're horrible Commies and must always lie and feed propaganda to the rest of the world to save "face" and maintain their sense of superiority to the rest of the world... Oh, wait, the country I'm living in seems to do that a lot, too. Ayup.

Unfortunately, Canada was another spanner-wrench in the works. *growls at Harper, the turd* Sad to see my home country being so... ugh, not "with it".

Sea rise: my oops. Ignore it, then. I'd heard differently- I'll go and check on that bit.

Regarding jailed Tongans in other countries- what? There's a "disproportionate" number of black and Hispanics in U.S prisons, too, and Aboriginals in Canada. Might as well say that if these folk are the most common prisoners, that they're more likely to commit crimes. But, consider this: in all four countries (I'm including your examples), there's a high instance of racism where judges have been noted to be more likely to hand a harsher sentence to a person of colour than they were to a Caucasian (this was often distributed by state or provincial cultural preferences, so, in some areas this didn't happen as often). *shrugs* Straw man.

Coconut oil: growing coconut and palm-oil palms have their own bad records of environmental impact- mostly due to forest destruction to create plantations... Possibly not a viable option, if they want to protect species-diversity.

Water-storage: this seems to be nothing more than a canard. I'm ignoring it.

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