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AUG 23

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"Gas tax only pays for a small percentage of the roads. Roads in NYC ar..."

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New York Considering Huge Bike Sharing Program

New York City has done a good job in recent years to encourage cycling instead of driving in the city.  Bike lanes and tramadol 100 mg fed ex delivery paths have been created and new policies have been instituted to protect cyclists and pedestrians, but the city may be planning the biggest encouragement yet:  a huge bike-sharing program.

The proposed program, created by Mayor Bloomberg and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, would start with 10,500 bikes availabe for rent and then quickly spread to 49,000 bikes, similar in scale to the successful Paris Vélib’ program.

Other details like station locations, timing, etc. aren't available yet, but we'll be excitedly awaiting more news.

via CBS News New York

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Cue ..
written by Bearpaw, August 23, 2010
Cue the UN conspiracy kooks.

I think the bikes should all come with powder-blue bike helmets ...
written by DaftBryan, August 23, 2010
My city used to have borrow-bikes.
They sat around the city and you could use them whenever, if you saw one. However, that doesn't generate revenue for the city like this does. Ecological, and economical smilies/smiley.gif
written by Marc, August 23, 2010
Hooray! its about time, its about every city that has the need for reliable transportation gets on ordering viagra overnight delivery board with this concept. It has been around for decades, and obstacles are known and easy to overcome. I believe in coming months we will see many more cities implementing this concept. I direct you to these are the very top of the line and how to get levitra in canada the price comes all the way down to the less than $500 on ebay. like it or not its the right thing to do for everyone, and the planetsmilies/grin.gif
written by Fredrik, August 24, 2010
I love that this "new" trend has come to the USA! From experiences form Gothenburg, Sweden, I can say that this has the potential to ease up the online pharmacy cost levitra traffic situation. And hopefully make an impact on health as well.
The cyclists must pay road user tax
written by Pete, August 25, 2010
In this day and age we are used to the user pays concept. I have objection to this kind of development IF the cyclists are compelled to pay registration, insurance and road taxes like all other wheeled road users are.
written by soso, September 01, 2010
... park a bike in Amsterdam city, you´ll find the sharing principle - if you wish it or not. ;-)
Hey Pete!
written by Danny G, September 01, 2010
Careful what you wish for. Once cyclists start paying road taxes, you can expect (legitimate) calls for bike lanes on EVERY SINGLE STREET - they're paying for them, aren't they?
Hey Danny G!
written by chris mcnally, September 01, 2010
Gas tax only pays for a small percentage of the roads. Roads in NYC are public property and are maintained with state, city and federal funds. I have been paying taxes for roads for quite some time, but I am not destroying them with a chevy suburban!

and I am all for tolls on any street of importance including bridges, as long as bikes are charged proportional to their contribution toward pollution, negative impact on public health, and resources needed to create and destroy them. Should be about 1 tenth of one percent I bet.

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