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"hybrid technology is one step to full green technology..."

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Port of i recommend buy levitra canada Long Beach Retrofitting Old Tugboats

After debuting the world's first hybrid tugboat in 2009, the Port of Long Beach is partnering again with Foss Maritime Company to best prices viagra retrofit an existing tugboat with hybrid technology.

The ship called the Campbell Foss is a conventional dolphin tugboat assisting ships in the San Pedro Bay. It will be fitted with motor generators, batteries and control systems by Foss at one of their shipyards.  The retrofit should cut 1,340 tons of CO2 emissions and save 100,000 gallons of fuel per year.  Foss and the Port plan to introduce more hybrid tugs over the coming years and see more retrofits in the future.

The Port of Long Beach received a $1 million grant from the California Air Resources Board for the retrofit project.

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written by Doc Rings, September 05, 2010
Looks like a three-year payback... not bad!
written by Vaibhav, September 06, 2010
Welcoming initiative by the Port of Long Beach. Here I would like to add, that government should subsidize such projects and encourage the use of hybrid technology and other renewable energy sources like solar, wind, etc. for tugboats and other marine vehicles. This will surely help reducing the carbon emissions, avoiding further damage to the ozone layer caused by CO2.

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written by Exotic Place, April 11, 2013
hybrid technology is one step to full green technology

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