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OCT 06

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"This is what I like to hear and the future appears to hold more good n..."

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Ontario Takes Further Steps in Phasing Out Coal


The Canadian province of Ontario may have already passed its point of peak coal use, and is now on the downward moving side as it increases its use of renewable energy production. Last week, the provincial government announced that it had permanently closed four more coal-burning power plants in the province.

Electrical generation from coal peaked in 2003, and atmospheric pollution levels are down significantly since that point. According to the Green Energy Act Alliance, citing government figures, sulfur dioxide from power generation sources is down 81 percent, nitrogen oxides are down 77 percent, and carbon dioxide emissions are down 71 percent since the peak in 2003. Coal generation of buy online genuine pfizer viagra electricity in Ontario is at its lowest level in nearly half a century. In the same period, more than 8000 megawatts of renewable production have been added to the province's power supply.

All of Ontario's coal power production is targeted to best buy tramadol be eliminated by 2014, and greehouse gasses in 2011 are targeted to be two-thirds lower than they were in 2003.

image: CC 2.0 by Kyle MacKenzie

via: NA Windpower

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written by Enso Apartments, October 07, 2010
Congratulations on making Enso's TOP 10 GREEN BLOGS list! We love following your posts each day!
Did costs go down?
written by Chris V, October 07, 2010
I imagine that not having to constantly buy fuel for power plants means a lower operating cost overall. Now that the plants are built, did costs decrease?
written by SteveBee, November 01, 2010
This is what I like to hear and the future appears to hold more good news on viagra no prescription canada the wind energy front!

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