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NOV 28

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London Using Glue to Clean Up Air

The European Union is we like it canadian rx viagra requiring member countries to have no more than 35 bad air days per year by 2012 or the countries will face fines of levitra for women around $450 million.  In order to clean up air pollution to meet the cialis woman EU's standards, London is turning to glue.  Well, a glue of sorts.  The English capital is applying a calcium-based adhesive to streets to trap particulate air pollution and, believe it or not, it's working.

The city's street sweepers have applied the adhesive to air pollution hot spots around the city and cheap quality cialis particulate levels in those areas have dropped 14 percent.  The project has cost the city $1.4 million so far, which is pretty expensive, but 14 percent is a pretty substantial reduction from glue alone and a far cry from a payout of $450 million if they didn't meet the standards.

London will be taking other action to reduce air pollution, including rolling out cleaner buses, retiring the most polluting taxis, enforcing stricter emissions standards and planting trees.

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written by Meg, November 28, 2011
It sounds like something a 7 year old thought up, and sometimes, I think we're too quick to dismiss the insanely simple solutions.
written by Sue, November 28, 2011
What happens to the calcium glue when it is time to cialis for women replace it? There are many pigeons in London, I wonder if the obtain a prescription for viagra glue is harmful to them. If the glue were too strong, pigeons would land on the glue and be unable to take off again.
More like this!
written by Basius, November 29, 2011
In London they use glue to clean up the air, in brasil they produce windenergy without natural wind blowing.

World needs more ideas like this...
written by Fencerdave, November 29, 2011
Occam's Razor works wonders, doesn't it?

I'm glad that you are concerned with the possible impacts, but for once Boris Johnson has done his homework.
The glue is swept up whenever the street is viagra shipped overnight normally cleaned and a fresh layer is applied.
As far as the 'glue' itself is concerned, it is a solution of Calcium Magnesium Acetate, and is only 'sticky' in that it forms chemical bonds with small particulate matter.
written by Norman Howe, November 29, 2011
I really like comment 3. How simple solutions can be so effective! Why not, then, attack the source of the pollution with a simple idea? Why?-because too many entities with power to block simple good ideas have a huge vested interest in keeping things as they are. One such good idea comes from a little known science of LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) from an Italian inventor Andrea Rossi who is now marketing a 1-megawatt heat generator that leaves no pollutants, is safe enough for home or village use and costs about $400/kilowatt. For more information look into Cold Fusion Times web site.
just streets?
written by Daniela, December 01, 2011
How close to the street do you have to get the respiratory benefits of this? Can the material be applied to sales viagra buildings too?
written by Fencerdave, December 05, 2011
I believe that the air moving up and down with road thermals and traffic will circulate the air such that all or most of tramadol cod cash on delivery the air will come in contact with the road surface, especially considering that particulate matter tends to be more dense then clean air.

The issue with applying the material to buildings is that it needs to be cleaned off on a regular basis and replaced with fresh solution. On the roads this is done by modified street-cleaners, but applying and maintaining the adhesive on privately owned property may be an issue.
written by Samantha, December 06, 2011
...but how is online cheap viagra buy the glue disposed of? is it biodegradable?
roof tops
written by sarah, December 14, 2011
i can see a little sprinkler system for the roof to keep reapplying a mist of the stuff to the roof tops well those roof tops that arent gardening...

does it have the added benfit of making our bones stronger and muscles stopping cramping if running on this pavement like a cal/mag suppliment?
written by Fencerdave, December 15, 2011
Only if you are walking on your tongue...
written by electronics recycling, February 07, 2012
Doesn't sound a very practical solution. The glue might trap particulates on the surface temporarily, but they will end up back in the air as traffic drives over the surface.
written by patrickd, May 23, 2012
why glue?, how does that work?
written by Tile adhesive, July 05, 2012
Did you found any more details about it?

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