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NOV 20

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BuyMyTronics Saves Dead Devices and visit web site buy viagra online usa Gives You Money

Recently we covered a new service ( that, instead of making you pay to get your borked iPod recycled, actually pays you! And then, instead of sending the device to get torn apart by desperate people in desperate places, they actually use the parts for repairs so that the devices can continue their lives.

A fantastic service...and it just got better. BuyMyBrokeniPod has become Now they'll take your iPod, your iPhone, or any game console back to the GameCube/PS2 generation including PSPs and GBAs. Answer a few questions about the condition of your device and they'll let you know what it's worth to cialis side effects them (a severely damaged Wii without controllers or games nets $33, while a perfect GameCube with controllers gets you $20.)

Used in concert with there aren't many electronics you'll have to throw away anymore! Unless...of're me, and you still have an N64...

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Buying used?
written by EV, November 20, 2007
What do you do with the electronics I send you?
Many wonderful things. We are actually building a utopian society and sanctuary for electronics from around the globe.

Call me a skeptic for now. I think I'd also like to see their store that they sell the generic pack viagra refurbished electronics in.
Nice one BuyMyTronics
written by weee recycling, November 20, 2007
EV - why should you care what they do with it!
As far as I'm concerned they can chuck it on ebay; the fact it's not going in land-fill is the first step.
It's only with people like BuyMyTronics investing in better solutions to the current, unsustainable, throwaway (non)solution that we'll ever reduce the damage we do to our planet.
The word for people like you is not skeptic!
written by EV, November 20, 2007
Maybe because I'd like to verify that they are doing something environmentally friendly with it and not chucking some of the highly toxic parts into the landfill?

And if the word is not 'skeptic', what is it?
Just ASK!
written by Magnulus, November 20, 2007
I was curious myself so I sent them an e-mail instead of just walking around being skeptic. They sell it to third party resellers that put the stuff on eBay and other places. That's that answered for you. I think it's awesome, and I hope they'll make a UK branch.
Hell, I wouldn't mind being their contact for a UK branch. ^_^
written by weee recycling, November 20, 2007
You didn't look at their website before making the cialis 6 free samples crass suggestion that they're "building a utopian society and sanctuary for electronics from around the globe"?
Then compound the mistake by saying they might be "chucking some of the highly toxic parts into the landfill".
I don't want to cheap viagra generic offend the good people of EcoGeek but the definition I'd suggest for you is:
One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding.
written by Anna Hackjman, November 21, 2007
Magnulus-they take ipods, iphone, and gaming devices from all over the world. I wrote an article about them too. So, you can send them your "stuff" from the UK.

What I like about this company is that they take broken electronics and gives them a second life They even pays you for them as well.

Also, another great recycling of electronics is who pays you competitively for cell phones, laptops, navigation devices, and other assorted electronics and resells them. However, they do not pay you for broken electronics but recycles them. With so many choices available today, no one should pitch their electronics in the garbage. anna
written by Magnulus, November 21, 2007
Sadly, they only take iPods from all over the world. At least according to the e-mail I recieved during my exchange with them yesterday. However, when I at some inevitable point upgrade to a newer iPod, I'll definitely send them my old one.
N64's still sell-able
written by zupakomputer, November 21, 2007
Even a new gamestore where I live still sells refurbed / pre-owned N64s! And we have NOTHING much here in the way of shops at all that sell anything I'd buy.

There's plenty of how much does viagra cost online stores and always the viagra free pills usual auction sites where you can sell what have come to be termed retro consoles.
Off the top of me 'ead I can't recall exactly-precisely, but I think the N64 is a good one to go for because with the adapter carts you can play imports and buy pfizer viagra also older carts, like the SNES and NES carts.
written by Concerts, December 02, 2007
I wouldn't really go for an older N64. There are so many things you can do visit web site levitra pill with your money today ... online ordering would be one of them
written by Backgammon, February 15, 2008
Any time we can get someone interested in recycling, even if it's not a major company, is a good thing! I hope this continues and people use this service when their electronics no longer function. I know I will!
written by Rob, November 02, 2008, Simple, Safe and Smart. We take the good, bad, and ugly.
written by Rob, November 02, 2008
If you tried the link on the post above, it doesn't work... there's a comma at the end of the link. Great site!

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