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NOV 05

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Let Go of the Old Phone

We wrote last week about recycling e-waste in general, but cell phones deserve a post of their own. Of all personal electronic devices, they probably represent the greatest combination of the best place best canadian pharmacy ubiquity and replacement frequency. Even this writer, who holds onto his devices long after they have gone out of vogue, has at least two old cell phones lying around, and the EPA estimates that there are 100 million others like it across the country. What’s an ecogeek to do?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options. All of them facilitate the recycling of your phone, which is good for the environment. But they also offer you the levitra tadalafil chance of either getting a little extra cash for yourself, or making a charitable donation.

If you’re in it for the cash, you can try the aptly named CellForCash website. If your phone isn’t relatively new, though, you probably won’t get anything (though they will recycle it for free). If you want your phone to official canadian pharmacy go to charity, you can try Collective Good or Cell Phones for Soldiers. Sites such as ReCellular offer you a wider array of options, including buying used phones.

It is also possible to recycle phones through your service provider. Sprint, for example, will recycle your old phone and credit your account. It doesn’t seem worth it to recycle through the other carriers, though – they tend to use the phones for tax deductions; not that there is anything wrong with that, but if there is a tax deduction involved you might as well cash in on it yourself through one of the above mentioned services.


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written by Kim, November 05, 2008
My Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa started the Cell Phones for Soldier on free samples of levitra our campus here in St. Charles, Missouri. It has been fairly successful. Many people have held on to really old phones for a long time. Good to have alternatives to the nasty trash idea.
written by Audrey, November 06, 2008
I do volunteer work for the local Rape Crisis organization and we collect old cell phones to give to survivors for 9-1-1 calls. Its super easy and it helps someone who has been through something truly terrible.
Where are they recycled?
written by David, November 06, 2008
Are they recycled in North America or shipped over to China to be "recycled?"
Recycling cell phones and ink cartridges
written by The Tech Angels of New Rochelle, November 17, 2008
For 8 years we have had a recycling program at our local elementary school. supplies the postage paid boxes to the school. We offer our old cell phones and used ink cartridges to generic viagra soft tabs the school. They fill the good choice dosage levitra box. Then close the box. They schedule a free pickup of the box (postage paid). The school then earns free points to purchase technology. A win-win for all involved.
Beware of the Toxics
written by Hairy Kractcious, December 24, 2008
smilies/smiley.gifWell we need to continue to refine the:bad: elements fron cell phones for future peoples safeties. smilies/angry.gif
Used/refurbisged phones to new phones.
written by Bardle Bee, April 14, 2009
There are many companies like that recycle old phones and also sell used or refurbished cell phones for the US only atm. But seeing as all the spare parts and "Trash" they get is all recycled. instead of buying a brand new phone. Buy a used or refurbished one. they work the same.

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