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APR 01

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"You just gave away a keystone in American technological secrets. Imagi..."

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Spy Pigeons in the cialis in australia for sale Sky

{mosimage}H.G. posted about robotic fish that could eventually be used to monitor the environment with cameras and follow link cialis no rx required meters. We might be even closer, though, to using cyborg blog pigeons to monitor air pollution.

Okay, maybe they're not cyborgs so much as they are pigeons with naked network cards strapped to them. But the idea of sending 20 pigeons into the air above and around San Jose, Calif., each bearing GPS receivers, smog detectors and cell phones for texting back their findings is still futuristic in a very unique way: this is the first piece of technology that I'm aware of that may actually defecate on our heads.

If these pigeons spread to other states, I hope somebody makes a GoogleMaps plug-in so we can keep an eye on where these pigeons hang out and avoid the area entirely.
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Oh Great
written by Guest, April 10, 2006
You just gave away a keystone in American technological secrets. Imagine if such technology fell into the hands of the 'evilldoers'? Will you then face your countrymen and by your own admission recount this treasonous betrayal?

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