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AUG 11

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"Given the wow look it cialis tablet low labour costs in India I would hope they extend the lives..."

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India IT Industry Tackling E-Waste

E-waste has become a scourge in India and canada viagra office other developing nations.  It comes to them in droves from countries like ours and the toxic chemicals contained in our computers and electronics are polluting the water and affecting the health of those that are put in charge of cialis canadian drug store getting rid of it.  India's IT industry has decided that there has to be a better way, so they've joined Greenpeace and other organizations in drafting new rules for the handling and disposal of e-waste.

The group is proposing that the new rules called "E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2008 be added to we choice levitra 100 the cialis online purchase country's Environment (Protection) Act of 1986.  The current rules only govern the disposal of industrial waste and cialis buy overnight don't cover e-waste.

The proposed legislation would require electronics producers to extend their responsibility through a product's lifecycle, ensuring its recycling or proper disposal.  The rules also call for a ban on the import of used electronics for recycling and disposal, although the legislation does allow for the import of electronics for charitable purposes.

Without an open invitation to send our used electronics overseas, maybe U.S. companies and consumers would take more responsibility for their safe disposal?

via PC World

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India IT Industry Tackling E-Waste
written by Data recovery, August 12, 2009
A study by the Indian government has found that the amount of electronic waste in the country is buy viagra overnight growing 10 per cent every year, and 95 per cent of it will end up in urban slums – some 434,000 metric tons.
India - the Nation of tramadol online no prescription Rules
written by kxbpy, August 13, 2009
Unfortunately nobody follows them. For a few Rs you can get the inspector to look the 5mg levitra other way and do what you want.

India has very strong environmental laws - and is a total disaster since nobody adheres to the law.
It will be tough to implement this in India
written by amit, November 28, 2009
Laws are not followed properly in india. Especially laws realted to try it dosage cialis software, hardware etc. People still dispose off the ewaste whitout thinking of its impact on environment.
People should be encouraged to dispose of waste in proper fashion, if possible some awards should be given too
Computer Reuse
written by computer recycling and disposal, November 23, 2010
Given the low labour costs in India I would hope they extend the lives of their computer equipment as much as they do with their vehicles. Most computers consume 70% of the electricity they use in thier lifetimes during the manufacture process. Any efforts that extend the lives of computers will reduce this proportion and in the huge population of India this will have a consequential impact on the environment.

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