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NOV 12

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"I cut up new diapers to plant my annuals and flower pots in the summer..."

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Finally! A Recycling Plant for Dirty Diapers

As a new mom and an ecogeek, I know that choosing a diapering method is a huge issue.  Disposable diapers clog landfills for hundreds of years.  There are alternatives to disposables, of course, but they have their drawbacks.  Cloth diapers require extra water and electricity for laundering and the buy cialis no prescription couple of biodegradable options don't quite perform as well and are hard to find at local supermarkets.  This leads to an overwhelming majority of parents choosing disposables and approximately 27.4 billion diapers making their way to American landfills every year.

Enter one of the more exciting stories I've come across in a while.  Companies Versus Energy and Knowaste are partnering up to build a diaper recycling plant in the UK.  Not only will the diapers collected stay out of we recommend professional levitra online landfills, but the plant will actually run on the organic matter contained in them.

The diapers will be shredded, washed, sanitized and saturday tramadol delivery separated into organic material and reusable paper pulp and plastic that may find new life as roof tiles, shoe insoles, wallpaper, industrial thickeners or many other potential uses.  The water used in the process will be treated and reused.

The plant will open in May 2010 in Birmingham and is the first of five planned for the UK.  The diapers will be collected from nurseries, nursing homes and hospitals.  My fingers are crossed that the generic viagra without prescription U.S. will follow soon.

via Triple Pundit

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written by Andy Battjes, November 12, 2009
I read a story about Huggies in New Zealand teaming up with a company to turn "nappies" and other similar products into compost. This is a slightly different take on visit web site levitra india removing waste from the system, but no less encouraging that people are beginning to canadian pharmacy scam take on all sorts of problems.
written by Dimi, November 13, 2009
We've had diaper recycling in Belgium for some years now. And I'm very happy almost all of the diapers for our children have gone to one of these plants for recycling !

Belgium has consistently been on the forefront of recycling for over 2 decades now. In fact diapers were the largest fraction of non-recycled waste for quite some time now.
Eco Diapers
written by Dimi, November 13, 2009
To try to avoid the impact during production as well we use eco-diapers from moltex :
KnowWaste is a Canadian firm
written by Anonymous, November 13, 2009
not a UK company...
Megan great post
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, November 13, 2009
It is unbelievable what a few dirty diapers can do. However it is even worst when you think the problems they can cause. At least this way it may make a difference.
cloth diapers
written by Kat M, November 13, 2009
"Cloth diapers require extra water and electricity for laundering..." That sounds like an excuse if I ever heard one. How much LESS water and electricity do they require than the manufacture and shipment of disposables, eh? I'm betting they require less water and electricity than these recyclables, too. Don't be lazy or frightened - use cloth. You don't have to use pins any more. Check out the link for more info.
written by Jp, November 13, 2009
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and buying viagra online canada wishes, cloth diapers are not an option for many of canada cheap levitra us. My daycare provider requires disposable diapers and although I could blame my using disposables on that fact alone, with my husband and I both working and raising two young kids, I just don't have the only here discount viagra india luxury of time. I used cloth when I was on my maternity leave and that was ok, but once I went back to work I just couldn't keep up.

My fingers are crossed that the US will take a play from our European friends and develop a way to recycle our diapers.
keeping up
written by Kat M, November 13, 2009
Have you tried a diaper service? It's still cheaper than disposables.
Oh Yeah----and it's about damn time!
written by Anne Chastain, November 13, 2009
These things, deposit centers should be next to garbage cans. We should be recycling disposable diapers --- or using washables! And the Corporations who sell them must pick them up and take responsibility. They must take less profit at the top so that their dang consumer DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THREATENED WITH PAYING MORE!!!!!!!!!!
Seems like old news
written by Denis Heraud, November 20, 2009
We've had a company doing that in Ontario (Toronto) for quite some years now...

Nice to see the UK getting its hands dirty though. =0)
written by Sue, November 20, 2009
At long last. Hopefully the UK government will (or why not the UN?) will throw some money at the research to cialis canada generic get it up and running quickly - can't be soon enough!
When will they ever learn?
written by Cynthia, November 20, 2009
When will people figure out that cloth diapers from a diaper service (and most cities have one, at least in the US) are not only cheaper and levitra cheap prices better for the baby, but far more ecologically sound?
Knowaste in Holland
written by frisbee, November 25, 2009
The Knowaste company is active in Holland for quite some years now. Happy they finally make their way to the UK. It's a great approach. Of course many factories are needed in order to keep transport (fuel/carbon) costs as low as possible.
To those who favour cotton diapers: remember the production of cotton costs a hell of a lot of water and chemicals and the product needs to be shipped over large distances. So overall the differences aren't really big between disposables and reusable cotton diapers. Once recycled over and over again the disposables are probably the winners. It's not always true that suffering (i.e. washing the cotton ones) is better for the environment smilies/wink.gif
eco swimming nappy
written by Carla Lloyd, December 17, 2009
Amazing-never heard of this before. We are offering an eco option for our baby swimming customers - The Happy Nappy System
written by Derrick J .C., December 29, 2009
I wish our diaper storage could refine the methane(gas) into (liquid)gas for my car. Now thats true power baby if it could happen.(web site idea 12/29/2009' 12:29 a.m)
plant used diapers with a tree
written by Donna Jenkins, February 22, 2013
I cut up new diapers to plant my annuals and flower pots in the summer, as the polymers allow me to go an extra day or two without watering. Why not use the good choice cheap fast levitra "used" diaper as well? The urea and poo are natural fertilizers too! Plant a tree for your baby, and they could really tell their friends they helped it grow smilies/cheesy.gif

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