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JAN 15

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"It is sad that it takes a natural disaster for me to look at how many ..."

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Recycle Your Old Phones and we choice cheapest prices on viagra Help Haiti Quake Victims

Like me, you've probably been watching the coverage of the earthquake in Haiti with a big knot in your stomach and maybe you've already donated $10 by texting HAITI to 90999, but if you want to do more (and help out the environment while you're at it), there's an easy way to do so.

ReCellular has launched a disaster relief program for the victims of the earthquake called "Phones for Haiti." All proceeds from donated phones will go straight to look here canadian drugs cialis the American Red Cross for their work in the country.

If you're like most people you have an old cell phone lying around somewhere and this is a great way to donate to those in need and keep your electronic waste out of a landfill at the same time.  ReCellular refurbishes the donated phones and then sells them to people in developing countries.  Some phone models like Blackberries or iPhones could contribute up to $100 to the Red Cross.

ReCellular also accepts your old chargers, batteries and other accessories and the shipping is free.  Click here to get started.

via Inhabitat

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Nature's Wrath
written by Ayodele Bishop, January 15, 2010
As a matter of fact, I believe the nature will go to any length to correct itself anything on it's path of correction is going to be destroyed which means we are at war with nature.
written by anit nature, January 15, 2010
Yeah....kill nature before it kills us.
written by Gary, January 16, 2010
Nature has no consciousness, it is an invention of levitra bayer original buy man, there is generic viagra lowest prices without perscription only matter and energy.

As for the 'refurbishing' of cell phones. Think about it. What can ReCellular do except to change the battery and clean the thing? Refurbishing indeed! A cheap new Chinese battery and then they make a nice profit by selling the phone in the 3rd world.

written by Tony Salvati, January 16, 2010
Its the cycle of life I guess. Thanks for the ReCellular note - will check it out.
Coordiantion of donation actions
written by Haiti-quake, January 18, 2010
This is a great action, I'll add this action to A coordination website to follow up the support actions. Please make a donation to the welfare organizations or start your own fundaraising initiatieve. haiti quake
written by Alicia, January 20, 2010
I think this is a great way to help out the earthquake victims without having to open your pocket. I know that a lot of us have old cell phones in a drawer somewhere that we could donate to those who need it.smilies/smiley.gif
Help Haiti!
written by Oscar "Neutrino" Cozza, January 20, 2010
This is a great development! smilies/wink.gif Making a smaller landfill, and saving lives!! smilies/smiley.gif smilies/cheesy.gif
written by !!!rd!, January 22, 2010
It is sad that it takes a natural disaster for me to look at how many old cell phones I have floating around in desk draws and such but never the less thanks for the information.

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