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JUL 13

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"I love stories like these. I love the creativity that is bringing enli..."

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Plastiki Nears End of Journey

The boat made out of 12,500 recycled plastic bottles is nearing the end of its journey to raise awareness of the large amounts of plastic polluting our oceans.

The Plastiki team is now at the island of Kiribati, just a short way from their final destination of viagra 20mg Sydney.  The boat has sailed almost 11,000 miles over 115 days, traveling across the Pacific and only best offers cialis sales online through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  The boat is a lesson in sustainability and renewable energy in itself, including solar panels, wind turbines, bicycle generators, a urine to water recovery system, hydroponic hanging gardens and the entire boat can be recycled when the trip is visit web site viagra headaches through.

Hopefully the team has achieved their goal of bringing attention to the garbage patches forming in the oceans.  Scientists keep discovering more and the tide of plastic seems to tramadol no prescription next day shipping be growing all the time.

via Earth 911

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If only we cared
written by Rojelio, September 05, 2010
If the world really cared about the pacific garbage patch, wouldn't it be frightfully easy to send some ships out there to help clean it up? Better yet, I thought there was a way to recycle that plastic into petroleum products again. Send out a large supertanker with a mobile recycling station on it.
Glass is Class
written by Robert, January 03, 2014
I love stories like these. I love the creativity that is bringing enlightenment to this huge problem. Why do people drink water out of plastic when they could drink out of glass. It tastes better, and it's far more beautiful, not to mention the amount of money it saves. My favorite company is love bottle

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