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DEC 14

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"Good idea, but IKEA's stores are very distant from some parts of the buying viagra in canada U..."

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U.K. Gets Vending Machines for Recycling Batteries, Light Bulbs

We all know that batteries and lowest levitra price CFL light bulbs don't belong in the trash, but recycling locations are not always convenient.  What if your local retail stores just had a vending machine where you could drop these items?  Well, that convenient option could be coming to us soon.

A company called reVend Recycling Ltd. has begun installing recycling vending machines for light bulbs and batteries in the U.K. that not only sort the items, but offer immediate rewards.

The first pilot machine was installed at an IKEA in London with great success.  At that location, recyclers were offered store credit to IKEA based on the amount they were recycling or the choice to donate to one of four charities -- the World Wildlife Fund, Woodland Trust, UNICEF and Save the Children.

The machines accept incandescents, CFLs and LEDs as well as any domestic batteries.  The machines are able to track the bulbs and batteries by type, manufacturer and volume so that each can end up in the appropriate recycling facilities.

The company has signed an agreement with IKEA to install their machines throughout the U.K., Germany and Denmark.  They plan to expand their reach to how can i buy cialis in canada more parts of Europe as well as into the U.S. very soon.

via Earth 911

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written by Guest, December 15, 2011
Does the returned material have commercial value in Europe, or is this cool effort to get people to recycle bulbs and batteries funded by a good Samaritan?
They need to add a social good game theory to this!
written by Aharon "Moschiah" Yehoshua, December 21, 2011
Social good! Accumulate good points for good deeds and that's what you use for currency, in the world to come.
written by Angela, December 22, 2011
It'd be great if you could say "Share on Facebook" or if you could "Check In" via Four Square after you're done recycling so we can continue to cheap discount viagra promote these options. Social media is a powerful education tool!
electronics recycling
written by electronics recycling, February 07, 2012
Good idea, but IKEA's stores are very distant from some parts of the UK so rollout will need to be expanded. Perhaps petrol stations could be involved (they do purchase viagra no rx need a bit of cialis australia a green makeover).

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