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Harry Potter and tramadol c o d saturday delivery the Sickly Forests

There's a couple of reports flying around that HP7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) is the greenest book in history! Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that that is complete crap.

Sorry if I'm being snide, but this is a ridiculous headline, especially considering that HP7 is nothing like the greenest book in history.

  Rebelling Against Recycling
After the publication of the extremely long and best-selling Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, J.K. Rowling got a bit disturbed by the plight of the trees. Indeed, 250,000 trees were required for that printing. So she asked her publishers to print the book on 100% recycled paper. Almost all of her publishers agreed. Unfortunately, her largest publisher, Scholastic, which publishes the U.S. editions, did not agree. And now, instead of having a "no trees were harmed in the making of cialis without prescription online this book" label, we've got a "we chopped down 30% less trees than we could've...we're so green!" annoucement.

Electronic Idiocy
Worst of all, in my opinion, is that no Harry Potter book has ever been downloaded legally. Rowling made this decision years ago, citing fears about piracy. Obviously it's ridiculous to viagra sale usa suppose that this decision has in any way decreased piracy, as every book is available for download if you know where to look (including the yet-to-be-released HP7.)  An Electronic HP7 might have been the greenest book in history, but Rowling made a bad decision, and so that is unfortunately not possible.

Missed Opportunities
There has never been a book more suited for electronic release. With Harry Potter, people are willing to pay to a premium to receive the tramadol overnight book as soon as possible. That could have been arranged, with a simple system allowing folks to pay upfront for an ebook delivery by email. This could have been a boon for the budding ebook industry. It could have helped standardize formats and introduced people to the idea. It could have made Jo and her publishers additional millions. It could have saved tens of thousands of trees.

Buy Used, Borrow or Trade
Though in all of these circumstances Rowling gets exactly as much money as if you download the book online, these three practices haven't been outlawed yet. There will be tens of thousands of used HP7s in the coming weeks, so find a friend who's finished theirs, swap them for some other fantasy classic, or just promise to cialis for less 20 mg bring it back in a week or two. Unfortunately, libaries will necessarily be short on the books, but you can get on waiting lists.

Buy Canadian
If you still haven't bought HP7, I do not endorse pirating it. If you want your own copy, the best thing you can do is head to, and buy the Canadian edition. Rowling's Canadian publisher, Raincoast Books, was the first to publish 100% recycled Harry Potter books and have since converted their entire domestic line to 100% post consumer content. Plus, the Canadian edition keeps all the quaint British words and spellings. A must-have for any true Harry Potter dork.

In Conclusion
I'm not saying that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is cheapest viagra super active pills a particularly ungreen book, nor am I saying that you should feel guilty about buying a copy (I certainly don't.) But I think it's important to recognize what's "green" and what isn't. All I'm saying is that it's not the greenest book in history.
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Downloadable Harry Potter
written by Ester Ytterbrink, July 19, 2007
Do true geeks care about if the information come as photons or sound waves? As audiobook, all the first six Harry Potter books are at sale, downloadable, unabrigaded, at iTunes Store. I don't know when the seventh book will be published there, but some swedish books now come as mp3-book at the same time as the printed one (though not at iTunes store).
Other options
written by Adam, July 19, 2007
Rather then having it sent down from canada (although it's probably just as close as most of the US shipping hubs, but either way you are going to have packaging and shipping induced eco damaged) you should just wait to we choice levitra endurance borrow a copy from a friend or buy a used copy. Just don't use your car to go pick it up, you had better ride your bike, but only if you lube your chain with leftover grease from the fryers at Wendys ( I was about to say grease left over from last nights pot roast, but then I remembered that meat is not very eco-friendly). In fact it's probably best if you just walk to get the cialis next day delivery book barefoot. Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed??
IANAL - I Am Not A Lumberjack, however,
written by edgar, July 19, 2007
In Canada at least, there is no shortage of trees. I planted six thujas myself this month. Moreover, "ancient" trees tend not to go through the pulp mill. It is unlikely your book contains anything magnificent or owl habitat. Finally, no ebook reading machine has yet passed the tub test.
Preach it Adam
written by Sam, July 20, 2007
I try to keep up on eco-news and analysis (hence my reading of this website) but sometimes I'm just like, wow. Not to mention all of the conflicting views on tramadol cheap certain technologies and buy cialis in india the half-assed analysis that is thrown around to cialis en gel justify one method over another. There is so much psuedo information flying around the internet right now that it's hard to sort is all out sometimes.
Thanks for pointing this out
written by DG, July 20, 2007
HP7 seems to be greener than the other b
written by raz godelnik, July 20, 2007
Hi Hank,

One fact that was not mentioned here is that HP7 will be printed in the US on paper that contains a minimum of levitra generic for sale 30% post-consumer waste (pcw) fiber. This is a bit of a progress from HP6, where Scholastic said they use some recycled paper, but it would not divulge the amount.

Also, the fact that it was written at the end of HP6 that the book was completely free of ancient forest fibers doesn't say necessarily that it came from certified forests, which is levitra ed the case this time for 65% of the virgin paper used for printing. I am sure that if the paper used to print HP6 was from certified forests, Scholastic would proudly announce it.

All in all, the HP7 books sold in the US will be much greener than the last HP books in the series, and let us not forget the levitra sale canada rest of the world, where the books are being published on partially or fully recycled paper.

Scholastic can do much better in terms of sustainable printing, no doubt about that, but still, they made some progress here, and it's also something to be taken into account.

One last suggestion for getting the HP7 in an eco-friendly manner - we're doing a contest of our website of generic levitra from india the best picture with HP book (it can be anyone of the books in the HP series), and the best one will receive a copy of HP7 printed on 100% recycled paper. So, you're welcome to check it out at:

enjoy a weekend of green magic :-)
renewable resource
written by pete, July 23, 2007
Remember that paper is a renewable resource made from young trees that were planted to be used for paper, when harvested, new trees are planted to replace the old ones.
Also in most cases recycled paper takes more resources to viagra china make than regular paper.
harry potter 7 ebook
written by mnm, July 29, 2007
can read the ebook of harry potter 7 here
it's real
Quaint British Spellings!
written by DTM, July 30, 2007
You mean the way words should be written smilies/wink.gif
written by uoti, September 20, 2007

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