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JUL 18

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"Shit website, this is. Thanks for nothing. I could have run into usele..."

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Turn Junk Phones into Cash

There are hundreds of millions of unused cell phones sitting in junk drawers and visit web site buy fioricet glove compartments in America alone. It's sill, they're very fancy, expensive pieces of machinery and when Verizon says "oh, sorry, your old phone won't work with our new plan," all you can say is "Well, fine...but just so you know, I hate you and you're destroying the Earth."

But now there's at least half a solution. will buy your old unused cell phones from you, as long as you don't wait too long for them to go completely obsolete. Even then, however, they'll recycle your old phone for free.

Just use their search tool, find your phone, enter your address and they send you a box and shipping materials. Once you send your phone to them, they'll send you a check for anything from $5 to well over $100. My LG VX9800 is worth $52. Though, I'm definitely still using no trade-in for me just yet.

You get the best value out of your phone right after you finish with it, so don't let that technology rot, capture the value of levitra order your old phone! 

Keep reading after the break for some great stats on cell phone disposal.
  • went live in November 2002.
  • We pay out over $1 million annually to cheapest viagra customers.
  • We average over 400,000 unique visitors each month.
  • We have recycled over 250,000 cell phones since our inception.
  • Since 2002 we have been interviewed by the media over 60 times.
  • We won a prestigious Webby Award in 2005.
  • We buy back over 600 cell phone models.
  • Our average cell phone payment price is over $25
  • We have facilitated the donation of over $400,000 and 30,000 cell phones to charities and non-profits nationwide.
  • There are approximately 230 million wireless users in the US and over 2 billion worldwide.
  • The average wireless user retires their old cell phone every 18 months.
  • Over 70% of Americans do not know that they can recycle their old cell phone.
  • Only 2.3% of Americans recycle their old cell phones and 7% throw them in the garbage.
  • Surveys suggest that 90% of Americans would recycle their cell phone if there was a convenient way to do it.
  • Cell phones, unlike TVs, have a positive scrap value meaning the value of cell phone reuse is currently sufficient to finance the collection and recycling infrastructure.
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Unlocked Phones
written by Rob, July 19, 2007
Does anyone know where you can buy simple (unlocked) 2nd hand/recycled phones? on the web or at a physical store?

Cheers ;-)
written by Holt, July 19, 2007
I'm pretty sure you could get them on Ebay. I dunno where the phones bought by the article company get taken.
written by kate, July 21, 2007
;D yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Recycling on the high street
written by Nick, September 23, 2007
Some service providers are now providing recycling schemes at high street stores. This makes it much more accessible for people and limits some of the cheap viagra without prescription rather pathetic and i use it cialis 50 mg tablets lazy excuses people have for throwing their own mobile phones away or hauding them in the loft.
how do i do this and is prescription viagra it true that you
written by cody, July 27, 2008
will you all send me some thing that i can send each of them in
written by DeAndre Williams , December 31, 2011
hello i was wondering do you guys send some sort of shipping bag so i can mail you guys my phones
written by Lorraine, June 24, 2013
Shit website, this is. Thanks for nothing. I could have run into useless information like this on my own.

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