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JUL 23

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"The main problem I foresee with that particular design is structural i..."

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Packaging Turns into TV Stand

Packaging is a very temporary commodity, serving to enable the safe handling of an object until it reaches its destination. And becomes completely useless. Increasingly, designers are creating products where packaging is unnecessary. But for fragile things like electronics, it's still mostly necessary to have a box and click here buy cialis uk some padding to enable the product to discounted generic viagra withstand shipping.

Designer Tom Ballhatchet has created a TV Packaging Stand which has multiple cool features. First, it has wheels. Like a rolling suitcase, a pair of wheels on one end make it possible for a single individual to move a large screen LCD television. But even better, once it's delivered, the packing can be re-assembled into a stand for the television.

Not only do only for you buy levitra online you get a stand for the TV, but when it comes time to move, you know where to find a container to safely contain and move the TV again.

via: TreeHugger

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written by rob, July 24, 2007
A novel idea, I would use the stand myself, I'm always keen on free furniture. But I can't imagine many women giving it house room.
written by gozo, July 24, 2007
really great idea...
Maybe another color, or pattern should be more acceptable for women.
written by Joe, July 24, 2007
Now that's a cool idea. Good for them.
written by orig_club_soda, July 24, 2007
When I bout my 37 inch LCD, the manual said I had to keep the packaging in case I want to tramadol cod 180 send it in for repair! ...Rather been temporary, the huge box and packing are PERMANENT in my storage.
I'd rather see biodegradable packaging
written by Beth Terry, July 26, 2007
This stand seems like a cool idea. But what happens when people want to upgrade their TV, as often happens. What happens to the stand? What happens to the stand if folks already have a TV stand they're happy with and don't need another one? This is still plastic waste destined for a landfill some day.

I'd like to see biodegradable packaging for electronics. I'd like to be able to compost it once I'm done with it and send it back to the earth. I think the emphasis on products with long lives might be misplaced as long as we live in a society in which new is better.
In agreement with general sentiment here
written by greengo, January 07, 2008
I have to agree with the overall response. This is a great "idea". But in all practicality, i'm guessing this would add more to waste rather than reducing it.

Most folks would throw this stuff out rather than put it in their house - based on lack of fit with their decor, in color or style.

The main problem here is that the materials would need to viagra online without a prescription be denser and more resource consumptive to produce this, than those required to produce lightweight disposable packaging.

I agree with Beth, in that what we really need to see is simply bio-based packaging such as corn plastics, or other biodegradable "natural" packaging materials...


see for general ponderings on all things green
Biodegradable Packaging
written by Oceans Green, April 10, 2009

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Sound idea?
written by Tom, April 13, 2009
The main problem I foresee with that particular design is structural integrity. Wide screen TVs are heavy, lighter than their CRT counterparts but heavy nonetheless. Will it really support a 32"+ LCD TV for the duration?

Anyway, If it is indeed structurally sound I'd buy one for sure. It even has a space for my PS3.

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