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Is the Post Office the Future's Recycling Center?

Whatever you do, don't ask me why we're not doing this yet. It seems like a ridiculously simple idea, yet somehow, the largest and viagra buy in uk online most effective sorting industry has yet to levitra pharmacy compare cost get in on the recycling game.

Yes, I'm talking about the post office. Sure, they've got their problems, but you can't say that they aren't awfully good at making billions of little bits of stuff go to the right places. And, really, what is recycling (and reuse) but getting little bits of stuff to the right places. Sherwood Forlee submitted the "Just Mail It" program as a "greener gadget" at the Greener Gadgets conference, and I recently found it and was struck by the simplicity.

I told Sherwood that this would be even simpler with an embedded RFID tag, and he said that, indeed, would be a slightly better solution, if the post office was ready to accept and read them. But the idea is click now pharmacy cialis the same...simply have small recyclable items with high resale values dropped into the mail box for recycling. Yes, it would decrease the per-phone recycling profits (and yes, they do make a profit on phones), but it would greatly increase the number of phones recycled, and reduce the age at which devices finally find their way out of junk drawers.

It occurs to me that this could be expanded beyond cell phones as well. Though, with exploding laptop batteries, I think they might have to be excluded. But for small electronics of wow look it take levitra the kind that invariably end up sitting in junk drawers for a decade before finally hitting the landfill, this is a solution that I think is (hopefully) convenient enough for people to actually participate in.


Guaranteed Payment for Recycling Your Electronics

Here on EcoGeek we've written a lot about how to buying viagra delivered worldwide recycle your old electronics. First, because it's a great idea and there are so many electronics out there not being used but with lots of useful and expensive parts. And second, because many of those parts are poisonous, so many end up in landfills that it's posing a huge environmental problem.
We've written about Target selling re-furbished electronics, how Staples is trying to make recycling easier, how Dell is going Cradle to Cradle with all their products, and even how to recycle your old laptop yourself and even make some money at it! But what if you actually got paid to bring your old electronics back when you no longer needed them?
TechForward Inc., a Los Angeles-based company, will actually do just that. For an upfront fee ($9 for an iPod for example) you get the right to sell the lowest cialis price device back at a pre-determined price, based on how long you keep it. If you send back the iPod after a year, you get $40, $20 after two years.

"The trade-in prices don't look competitive with eBay auctions, but TechForward offers the convenience of free packaging and shipping. Its prices assume the item is in good condition. The company won't pay for an item that's broken, though it will supply packaging, pay for shipping and viagra canadian pharmaies arrange to recycle it."

However, we've also discussed "buymytronics" here at EcoGeek, an admittedly smaller operation that actually will buy your electronics without any pre-fee, and even if they're broken. The price, of course, changes based on the condition of your device, and the range of devices they accept is more limited.

All in all, a good situation. Even if you're not planning on selling the item back but to keep it beyond its "payback" period, for the convenience of recycling and proper disposal, $9 seems like a fair deal to look there cialis for sale me.

via Physorg


Staples Tries to Make Recycling Easier

Recycling electronics - good. Throwing away electronics - bad. How many gadget-happy Americans live by this standard? Not many, according to a new survey commissioned by retailer Staples. It found, after having a research firm survey some 1,000 adults online during October, that only 23 percent of us recycle old or unused electronics. Forty-one percent throw these items away or don't get rid of them at all.

The survey seems to be tied to America Recycles Day, which was November 15. The National Recycling Coalition added to the information Staples provided by estimating that over 133,000 computers are discarded without thought daily here in the buy cialis with paypal United States. This is in addition to information from the EPA, which reports we generate around two million tons of used electronics yearly.

One other thing to contemplate, says Staples, is that between 2000 and 2007 an estimated 500 million computers have become obsolete here alone. Now the retailer, of course, wants you to come in-house to recycle, saying it's the first national chain to "launch an in-store, everyday computer and office technology recycling program," which lets you recycle any piece of tech for a small fee. Now we aren't saying you have to use Staples to recycle your old IBM PC, but perhaps you should find a better home for it than your garage or the city dump next time you clean out your stuff? Just a thought...


Target Selling Re-Used Electronics

I don't know why other companies don't do this, but Target has just become the first major retailer to offer "refurbished" electronics. Instead of just sending the (mostly perfectly good) electronics to be recycled, Target is fixing them up, and then selling them at reduced rates.

From my perspective, the hope is that electronics will become more like cars, having multiple owners throughout their lifespan and staying in use for up to visit our site order viagra canada 10 years (instead of the more normal [and dismal] three). It's just a test program, but Target's website is offering a variety of refurbished electronics, including iPods, camcorders, and a ton of flat screen televisions.

The site says that all refurbished items are "essentially as good as new" and that they've all be certified and guaranteed to be so.

Unfortunately, you won't find any refurbished items at brick and mortar stores, but quality pre-owned items at a big retailer like Target is definitely a good start.

Via TreeHugger and Reuters


BuyMyTronics Saves Dead Devices and Gives You Money

Recently we covered a new service ( that, instead of making you pay to get your borked iPod recycled, actually pays you! And then, instead of sending the device to get torn apart by desperate people in desperate places, they actually use the parts for repairs so that the levitra overnite devices can continue their lives.

A fantastic service...and it just got better. BuyMyBrokeniPod has become Now they'll take your iPod, your iPhone, or any game console back to the GameCube/PS2 generation including PSPs and GBAs. Answer a few questions about the condition of your device and they'll let you know what it's worth to them (a severely damaged Wii without controllers or games nets $33, while a perfect GameCube with controllers gets you $20.)

Used in concert with there aren't many electronics you'll have to throw away anymore! Unless...of're me, and you still have an N64...

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