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OCT 10

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"posted August 20, 2009:"

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Ship of the Future? A Solar Sail Boat.

Well, it's not unusual to see wind-powered boats. But it is strange to see sails in an entirely new form...and also, to see them covered in photovoltaic cells.

The Solar Sailor is a ferry that transports people around Sydney harbor using about half has much fuel as it would need without its solar panel-covered wings. The wings are movable to allow the panels to track the viagra usa sun when it's sunny. Or, if more energy can be gained from the wind, they can act as traditional sails. Finally, when weather is too rough for the sails to canada levitra prescription be out, they simply flatten against the ferry and levitra be ordered in usa the diesel motor takes over.

The Solar Sailor first started tooling around Sydney five years ago during the Olympics. But, so far, the idea hasn't spread. There is talk, however, of a similar design taking over tourist trips to the Statue of Liberty!

Via Inhabitat

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Truly amazing ...
written by A Siege, October 10, 2007
and, well, embarassing ... this has been around five years and I don't think I've seen mention of it before.

written by Ben, October 11, 2007
London has a solar ferry, in hyde park, not bit but its there
written by Campbell, October 18, 2007
the Statue of Liberty deal fell through......but, this same technology (solar cells to drive electric motors and propellors.....backed up with bio-diesel) will be used for FLYING.

giant airships have the prescription viagra room needed for enough solar cells to power them, and airships can fly on only best offers 50 mg cialis bio-diesel; which airplanes cannot do.

it is the future of flight!
written by Lynn, October 25, 2007
That's so cool! Last month I did my monthly current event for SS on A Floating Solar Island for the UAE, and now I am doing the current event on this article. Deffo a sailboat of the future (or present).
Every little bit helps
written by Alex Kelley, November 11, 2008
What a cool idea!
written by your mom, December 02, 2008
This is really cool stuff!!!!!! ;D :) ;) :D :o :
from solar & diesel in Sydney to solar sails at Nantucket
written by Mark, June 06, 2010
posted August 20, 2009:

a really cool tech update on sailing - solar stylin'

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