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OCT 21

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"Hi I invented the solar powered vending machine and purchase viagra also the solar pow..."

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Solar-Powered Soda Vending

Have you ever been steaming hot at the beach or at that kid's softball game and wanted to buy a soda (and, well, of course, recycle the soda can) ... but there wasn't one around? Or there were semi-lukewarm ones available at exorbitant rates? Well, Solar Vending seems to have come up with a solution to the critical global challenge of cold sodas, 24/7, at that beach. Solar Energy Vending is a Spanish firm, and the machines have been installed in beach areas and golf courses throughout Spain. That's right, golfers don't have to suffer with lukewarm water out of the golf bag anymore. The solar soda machine can either be hooked to the grid (assured of cold soda even after a hurricane) or off-the-grid. As they claim,

Should power cuts occur, it will carry on follow link levitra and women operating when conventional machine stop. No matter if the buying cialis in canada skies are grey, rain or even at night, 365 days a year.

The solar vending machine opens up new opportunities for businesses and has special advantages in some markets. In the European Economic Community (EEC), profits from the machine's sales will be income tax free due to buy viagra professional the renewable energy sources. And the vending machines have the potential revenue source of advertising -- including LED lighting based mini-billboards.


Environmentally friendly replacement technology, or unnecessary resources for unnecessary luxury? We're letting you decide on this one.

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written by Phil Plasma, October 23, 2007
I once posted the question about soda in the post peak oil world in the running-on-empty yahoo group. It was pretty evenly split among peak-oilers, some saying that it is ridiculous to suggest that these drinks should continue at the cost of other more important items, and others who said that if we can save a handful of luxuries from now into a post-peak oil world, why not have this be one of buy levitra us them?
written by Dave Smith, October 23, 2007
Solar powered or not, if the machine carries Coke or any form of bottled water it's not so great.
written by Bethany Laine, October 24, 2007
If we can get companies that specialize in alternative technology innovation to team up with companies like Coca-Cola, maybe they can find an alternative method to packaging their products?
Did you know
written by Graham Smith, April 12, 2009
Hi I invented the solar powered vending machine and also the solar powered recycled plastic (gets a good use for empty bottles) advertising bench that is also solar powered.

Have a look. Plus tell Pepsi and Coke,

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