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JAN 30

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"If they keep promising lower cost more efficient panels wont that stop..."

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It Only Took $1B to Get Ready for the Solar Boom

How do indian viagra generic you know when an industry is about to take off? Well, the first stages are seen through the eyes of those professional foreseers, distributers of wealth, and rich folks getting richer venture capitalists.

And that's what we're seeing with solar. In 2005, venture capitalists invested a bit more than $100 M in solar start-ups. Two years later...last year, that investment didn't double or triple or fact, it's silly to think of it as a multiple at all. As with all good booms, it's been exponential, increasing to over $1 billion.

In a ($600) report published by Greentech Media, these trends are outlined in some detail. Over 60 new companies have been invested in and cialis versus levitra the report estimates that the exponential growth will continue with $2.5 B invested in 2008. They also expect a "wave of consolidation" in which panel manufacturers will join up with materials providers and solar services (i.e., installation) companies.

You can read other key points in their executive summary (though you must hand over your e-mail address to get it).

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Solar Cash
written by Yianni Garcia, January 31, 2008
I must be in the wrong business. I love the sun and I love cash and it looks like in 2007 these two things go hand in hand.
written by Shayne, January 31, 2008
It's almost surreal to see the follow link where can i buy viagra world starting to purchase discount viagra on the internet really get behind solar. I'm with a company that is starting a solar company, and the excitement that solar generates is starting to get even myself a little hyped up.

That graph really makes the point, however. What a jump! I hope the economic slowdown we're seeing won't hamper that growth too much.

What solar needs now is not the money or ideas, but the drivers who push these confluent forces to work and work hard.
written by james, June 06, 2008
again GET A JOB ;D
Program to generate interest in your's c
written by Mike Carrieri, July 24, 2008
I have an environmental education program that is a platform for addressing groups of the general public. The program reverses the carbon footprint of levitra uk personal water bottles, and utilizes them to grow new plants. I would like to present this as an add-on to any future "green" events you may be involved in. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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408 476-3750
written by John, October 24, 2009
If they keep promising lower cost more efficient panels wont that stop people from buying them now?

I kinda wonder if that's the plan?

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