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Solar-Powered Generator is Not for your iPod

When I saw a picture of this little sweetie earlier today, my first thought was "Awesome! That thing could probably charge my iPod, laptop, AND my cameras all at once!" Granted, it could do that with the greatest of ease on a good day. I'm just not sure it would be all that practical to bring with me, considering that it weighs 2,000 lbs and viagra samples in canada is the size of a luxury freezer box.

All joking aside, the eco-conscious Reluminati team has designed a generator that can harness up to 600 watts of solar power with its three panels, store up to 1200 Amps in its batteries, and output up to 3500 Watts. Pretty powerful stuff. The price is listed as "upon request" (we've requested, but haven't heard back) in the specifications, though, something that is usually bad news for us common folk.

However, while I won't get one for my hillside hikes, its fold-out design and (relative) portability makes it an invaluable aid to field hospitals and other emergency outfits where fuel is scarce. Not-so-humanitarian operations like on-location film sets and the military could also benefit. Exchanging their dirty, noisy, and fuel-hungry generators for these babies would present an opportunity for a good number of field-operations to ease both their ecological impact and their tired ears.


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written by DB, April 04, 2008
Not to mention as a workaround in condo communities where you're not allowed to install roof panels...plunk it in the backyard and claim it's just a kid's toy, or a lawnchair for your walrus.
written by EV, April 04, 2008
has designed a generator that can harness up to 600 watts of solar power with its three panels, store up to 1200 Amps in its batteries, and output up to 3500 Watts.

I think you need to doublecheck your units.
what he said
written by Roy, April 04, 2008
yeah, I was going to say the same thing...

the second one is the only one that doesn't make any sense, though.

Volts * Amps = Watts
Watts * hours = watt-hours

I'd have used kilowatt-hours for ease of reader comprehension.
written by Magnulus, April 04, 2008
I'm terribly sorry, I meant Amp Hours as stated in the PDF, but kilowatt-hours would have been even more useful. I'll get Hank to update it. Thanks for alerting me to that.
written by Justin M, April 04, 2008
Any info on what sort of battery this thing uses?

I can't wait to super viagra see a bunch of good-ol-boys in Arkansas filling their trucks with solar panels and batteries so they can hook their welders up with out gas. This thing could almost work for that.
written by Magnulus, April 04, 2008
The standard config comes with 6 marine 200 Amp Hour batteries.
written by FRANK COLSON, April 04, 2008
Great start, but I have a concept for an even better watt generating system Need sponsor as
this is patentable.

Frank Colson
written by edwin anco alderete, September 06, 2008
requiero noticias

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