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MAY 27

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"The point is how can we speed up all kind of friendly energy around th..."

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Solar Shade Keeps Kids Cool, Generates Knowledge, Power

The Veil Solar Shade shown above was designed primarily for primary schools in Australia. Since we all know that solar panels, on their own, aren't always economically feasible, this design provides more than just power.

Obviously, the addition of some shade is always welcome in Australia, but that's not the only purpose either. The shades are designed to be interactive, the spin in place, allowing students to orient them for maximum energy collection. A set of LED lights tells the students when the levitra vs cialis shade is receiving more or less energy.

So, it powers the school, keeps the kids cool, and gives them a little bit of education on how renewable energy works. All for a price of...yeah, right now it's just a concept. We're going to hydrochlorothiazide viagra have to wait for pricetags.

Via Inhabitat

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written by ryanknapper, May 27, 2008
Solar Cobra is lightning quick.
written by gerda, May 28, 2008
ley look lovely, but how hard is it to install them? the look a bit unbalanced and buy generic viagra online heavy enough to hurt a kid, are they dug in somehow? if so that raises money and energy cost.
15 years later
written by Karsten, May 28, 2008
I graduated in 1993 in Germany with a degree in Industrial Design. My final project was about environmentally educational playground equipment. I am no longer participating actively in the product design profession but I am glad to see it is finally happening somewhere. Hope it teaches the kids something. Regarding habit change to create less ecological damage most adults are unfortunately lost cases and (even more unfortunately) influence kids more than any sculpture.

Occasionally hopeful,
Practical Advice to look there cheap prescription viagra Pollute Less
Hurry up
written by P7, May 29, 2008
The point is how can we speed up all kind of friendly energy around the world. It may be a bit too late.

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