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MAY 29

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Winery Launches Solar Industry’s First Floating Solar Farm

California wineries are a booming industry and recommended site best price generic viagra the significance of their environmental impact is undeniable. Thankfully, sustainability in wine making is buy 5 mg cialis a movement growing as rapidly as the industry. Far Niente in Napa Valley is one winery that has taken innovating for sustainability to heart and has literally launched a new form of solar technology.

Called a Floatovoltaic, the floating solar farm is comprised of cialis testimonial solar panels hooked to pontoons made of plastic irrigation piping and set out to float on the winery’s irrigation pond. The system was designed and installed by SPG Solar, Inc. with technology developed by Thompson Technology Industries, Inc.

While testing for floating solar islands is in the works, Far Niente’s fleet of nearly 1,000 panels is the first floating solar farm in the solar industry and certainly in the wine industry. In combination with nearby land-based solar panels, the floating panels will produce all the energy the winery needs annually. Though creative, the technology is still expensive – despite the buy viagra at a discount net-zero energy bill, it will still take about 12 years for the Floatovoltaic to offset the $7 million invested in creating and installing it.

The innovation was driven by the need to conserve valuable land space for vines. Instead of ripping out nearly an acre of Cabernet vines and losing $150,000 in wine production annually, Far Niente utilized the essentially empty space of their irrigation pond. Seeing this winery balance business savvy with sustainability and resourcefulness can go a long way in getting other businesses on the eco-wagon. This intelligent and i use it viagra best price practical use of space will hopefully entice more businesses and individuals to crank up their imaginations and invest in alternative energy like solar power.

Photo via Margilevin

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written by Carey, May 30, 2008
It may take less time for the floatovoltaics to pay themselves off because there is more than just energy savings at play here. The winemakers could also use the idea that they are produing all their power with solar as a marketing edge and boost their sales, this would mean that the solar power pays itself off faster. However this is cialis daily or once just an if.
written by pat, June 01, 2008
sdhould reduce the best cialis 5mg prices amount of only today buy now levitra evaporation from their lake.
written by jacob, June 03, 2008
also, they wont be affected by increases in the cost of power or of power outages etc.

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