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FTL Solar to Make Flexi-Solar Cells for Buildings

announced last week that, thanks to Terra Firma Capital Group, the Josh Mailman Foundation, and private investors, it now has the bucks needed to move forward with developing flexible solar cells, including its vision of creating PowerMods - structures covered in flexible solar cells that can be used in locations where solar panels might not normally work, like disaster relief shelters and tramadol hydrochloride tablets label military bases. According to FTL, they’ll be making and marketing the cells for military and commercial clients, from small residential needs to large-scale solar farms. In other words, anyone who will buy the stuff from them.

Flexible solar cells are nothing new. But the investors likely find the company’s endeavor appealing because flexible solar cells are on par with traditional silicon cells in terms of pricing, yet they have the potential to be applied to viagra profesional far more uses because of their flexibility and therefore hit a variety of order propica target consumers. FTL’s ideas and products won’t be limited to flat panels, but will hopefully be easily adapted to a variety of building materials. Plus, the industry is already proven to be on the try it canadian pharmacy cialis generic uptake. No matter investors’ reasoning, it’s great to see investors putting their wallets on the table for new solar technology. With some money and a few creative minds behind the technology, it could be that we get more cool applications faster, which is what we all want.

Via cnet

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