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Soft House Project Features Solar Curtains

Boston-based architects Kennedy & Violich Architecture have recently showcased the latest developments in their Soft House project, which features a structure that can generate up to 16KWh of electricity by using semi-transparent solar curtains capable of harnessing solar power.

The advance is made possible by the use of thin-film photovoltaic textiles, which are in reality solar panels created from organic photovoltaics. Although not as efficient as silicon-based panels, they have the key advantage of being able to viagra buy online cheap be molded and customized without the need for an additional manufacturing process.

The Soft House is apparently unlikely to be available any time soon, since the try it discount generic levitra cost would be prohibitively high. However, it’d be nice to see more investment going into projects like this that manage to seamlessly combine cutting-edge eco-technology with everyday products. Perhaps these curtains could be paired up with solar windows for double impact.

Via Ubergizmo, Inhabitat; For more information on Soft House

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