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JUN 13

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"Ron!!! the first option is not really good, because food is for eat. ..."

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Massive Hybrid Solar Thermal-Biomass Project Coming to California

Pacific Gas & Electric has signed a contract with the renewables unit of Portuguese energy conglomerate Martifer to supply 106.8MW of solar thermal-biomass hybrid power to California by 2011.

Under the deal, two plants located near Coalinga in central California will provide enough energy to power 75,000 homes by combining solar thermal technology with steam turbines powered by gas from local agricultural waste and follow link generic viagra usa livestock manure.

The hybrid nature of cheap viagra pills the levitra in spain plants may help to on line pharmacy win over critics of solar-thermal plants, who argue that the energy produced is too unreliable, since it relies on uninterrupted sunshine. Martifer’s hybrid technology will allow the plants to run on biomass during periods of cloud cover and overnight, ensuring consistency of supply.

According to Andrew Byrnes, one of the project’s developers, “When the sun is shining during peak hours, it will just be the solar facility. As the sun sets, biomass will be available to support the solar generation, and then at night the biomass will run purely on its own.”

Via Reuters, Treehugger

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All sorts of possibilities
written by Ron Wagner, June 13, 2008
We need to examine all sorts of combinations of power generation. A few:
1. Corn stover to be burned in processing ethanol, and drying corn, while we are developing cellulosic processes.
2. Geothermal plus solar.
3. Solar on Windmills, and all around the order tramadol site area.
4. Biomass grown under windmills.
5. Wave and solar structures combined on the same platforms.
6. Micro-hydro and solar structures on all rivers using the same platforms.

Dozens of other combinations that enhance alternative energy proposals.
written by MArc, June 14, 2008

the first option is not really good, because food is for eat. bioethanol its guilty of a part of these crysis food.
All the other options are really good.
but there is a problem, they are not really stable then you need a battery system

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