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JUN 24

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Solar Panels Mandatory in One German Town

A lot has been going on recently in Germany when it comes to solar, from various companies investing heavily in photovoltaics, to the government's shrinking solar subsidy. But this weekend the small town of Marburg passed a law that will require all new houses and those whose roofs or heating systems are being renovated to install 1 square meter of solar panels for every 20 square meters of roof, effective October 1.

The town, which has about 80,000 residents, has mostly supported the decision made by the cheap viagra generic Social Democrats and Greens, but the opposition leaders are crying, saying that to force people to build with solar panels equates to a "green dictatorship," and that "nobody dares to say anything." Considering Germany's recent past, drawing such obvious parallels seems grossly inappropriate, especially for an initiative that will benefit both the environment and humanity.

The average panels needed to comply with the law would cost about 5,000€ per home, with a payback of 15 years. For those who choose to skirt the law, they can expect a 1,000€ fine, much less than the 15,000€ that was bandied about. This is not the first such initiative in Germany. Last year the look there buy xanax online government of Baden-Wurtemberg started requiring that all new houses built had to generate 20% of their heating through renewable energies, with regulations tightening in 2010. Similar plans are popping up in the US, including California's 1 Million Roofs initiative. With such new technology, laws encouraging or regulating it are bound to be hit and miss with the public for awhile.

via physorg

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About the 1000 € fine
written by Niels R., June 25, 2008
Just an addition: When you get fined by 1000 €, you still have to look here buying levitra without a prescription apply to the law and add solar panels to your roof.

Basically, you better put them on straight away!
Oh the humanity...
written by Liberal Fascism, June 25, 2008
Just a tip, it's not a defense to allegations of fascism to say that it will "benefit both the environment and humanity". In fact, such claims that the rights of levitra 20mg these individuals should be subsumed to some greater good or goal is a hallmark of fascism.
I agree and disagree with the proposal
written by bob bobberson, June 25, 2008
A) the government does have a right to legislate things democratically (you said the town was supportive). In the US Coastal South we have various laws that require things like 'hurricane clips' on roof struts. You have to pay out upfront and cialis canadian pharmacy it might be 15 years before they "pay for themselves" by keeping your roof on, but everyone agrees its good for you and for the community.

B) I disagree with the other statement "had to generate 20% of their heating through renewable energies" that the other city requires. Certain enivro legislation is anti-free trade and really stunts some growth.
For hypothetical instance: N. Africa might generate solar power much cheaper and easier than Germany, but if I can have N. Africa generate my power cheaply and then send it to it's cool generic viagra 100mg me at a cheaper price than I could generate using my solar panels, why should the government stop it?
Instance #2: What if you live in the desert and its hard to grow food, but there's a requirement of 20% of your food must come from local sources. Some regions are agriculturally more productive than others, and it may be cheaper for Germany to get most of its heating from N. Africa and N. Africa to get its food from Germany. Thats all I'm worried about. And if thats the case neither country will likely declare war on ordering tramadol online each other.
written by Kim, June 25, 2008
Well there are many ways of heating your home through renewable sources, like bedrock heat for example. Compared to grow food. And certain ways of building a house so that heat is better conserved.
written by enika, June 25, 2008
I live in Marburg and good choice viagra blood thinner am very much in favor of this. It might not be the best solution, but it's a step in the right direction (and with all the media coverage it's gotten over here has definitely raised awareness). Yes, it's "big" government, but one has to keep in mind that to the vast majority of people that own houses in this town 5000 bucks are not a big deal. On top of cialis daily dosage pharmacy that, odd requirements when it comes to building houses are quite common in the area, although they're usually enforced to maintain a certain traditional look (especially in villages).
written by Edward, June 26, 2008
Way to buy viagra now go Germany! I hope the rest of the world will follow this. Leaders of California, pay attention.
written by ..., June 26, 2008
Finally the government is taking action in the climate crisis. it seems like all the r doing is informing us about it and not passing laws to change it. Germany is settign a great example 4 the rest of the world to follow.
Great Find!
written by Samantha, June 27, 2008
Very interesting and informative post!

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