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JUL 14

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Sopogy’s MicroCSP is Hardy Enough for Hawaii

For some reason, this month seems to be Hawaii's turn with energy news. Earlier this month, Hawaii's Governor signed a bill requiring all new homes to be equipped with solar water heaters, and the city of Honolulu is installing a system to i use it levitra cheap canada use sea-water and deep-ocean temperature for cooling downtown buildings. But there's still more.

Sopogy, Inc., a Hawaii-based solar energy company has announced the groundbreaking for a new solar farm making use of their MicroCSP. MicroCSP is a smaller version of a parabolic solar concentrator. While the smaller units may lose some efficiency, they are also less susceptible to damage from storms and high winds, something that is more of viagra uk chemist a problem for an island in the ocean than for the desert southwest. Sopogy MicroCSP collectors are specifically designed to withstand a more difficult setting like Hawaii. Keahole Solar Power will be a solar energy farm located at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, and can eventually be scaled up to 1 megawatt of production.

Solar thermal generation can serve in cogeneration systems alongside other energy sources (both conventional and renewable), making it less problematic for peak demand needs and load balancing. Other methods of producing steam to run electricity generating turbines can be interconnected, so that a plant's generating capacity is less affected by night or overcast conditions.

Via Sopogy, Inc. Press release, Sopogy Power Generation (PDF)

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written by dialtone, July 14, 2008
since the Hawaiian islands are all volcanic - geothermal seems like the we like it cialis injectable obvious choice for energy production
another Gold Star for Hawaii
written by The Food Monster, July 14, 2008
I guess I had missed the bit about required solar water heaters, I think that is a great idea. I'm glad to see Hawaii getting its own solar farm. All states or large businesses should have fleshed out a plan to visit our site viagra canada generic adopt some sort of solar energy, as soon as it becomes financially viable, and it will with the steadily dropping solar prices.

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