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NOV 07

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"I guess every bit helps. I was reading that Nippon have commissioned t..."

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Chinese Cargo Ships Will Have Solar Sails

Australian company Solar Sailor has signed a deal with the wow)) cialis soft largest Chinese shipping line COSCO to fit their tankers with large solar-powered sails.

The sails are 30 meters long, covered with solar PV panels that will provide 5 percent of the ships' electricity and viagra next day will harness enough wind to reduce fuel costs by 20 to 40 percent. The sails are controlled by a computer that angles them for maximum wind and solar efficiency and the company claims that the sails will pay for themselves within four years.

The shipping and air travel industries have been the hardest to conform to gineric levitra new efficiency demands. Planes and tankers require a lot of levitra 20 mg fuel, but our global economy depends on both of them to survive, so they've been hard industries to regulate. Even the latest environmental standards set by the EU included passes for shipping and airline companies. It's good to see a global company taking a dramatic step toward cleaner shipping.

via Treehugger

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written by David, November 07, 2008
: )
written by Clinch, November 07, 2008
'bout time.

Although the viagrabest viagra pictured design does look kinda silly, and movable sails may be problematic for cargo ships (and have clearance issues), but the concept is a good one, and they may have already resolved my issues with it.

And I expect as the technology is developed and improved, and solar panel efficiency improves, these will become even better.
written by Meredith, November 07, 2008
I once heard genius described as working within a tradition to reinvent and to give new life. While I don't know if solar sails can be considered genius, I do think they're on viagra costs the right track.
Don't forget
written by bbm, November 07, 2008
The Skysail:

Probably MUCH more cost effective.
written by campbell, November 07, 2008
Wonderful news! Congrats to soft viagra looks like Solar Sailor!

"The shipping and air travel industries have been the hardest..."

We know. But SOLAR FLIGHT will come. Turtle Airships is the only company in the world that is online viagra scam concentrating on creating viable solar powered air transport.

Turtle Airships broached idea of joint venture with Solar Sailor a while back, as their solar cell/biodiesel technology is exactly that which Turtle Airships uses for building giant solar powered airships.

turtleairships dot blogspot dot com
I am the only one who sees the levitra australia no prescription problem w
written by by, November 10, 2008
"...reduce fuel costs by 20 to 40 percent.", it might have lot to do with the fact that the ship has a 25% less containers on board for mechanical sail operation? I love the idea, don't get me wrong, but the artist impression is throwing me off.
but whats the elephant in the room?
written by bob banner, November 13, 2008
what are they shipping? crap for us consumers. and when crap is no longer purchased from us in the US because we no longer have the cash or we become more enlightened then why all the travel?
we have to be careful as to what is the technology used for? to continue the raping and we use it viagra discussionsdiscount priced viagra pillage of mother earth for consumers or to create technology that will enlighten us, free us from toil, create less alienation, more connection WITH nature than opposing her, etc., etc.
bob banner
Parasails are simpler
written by Richard Mercer, November 15, 2008
It is encouraging to see the shipping industry taking this step.

bbm is right. Skysail is a parasail, flown 300 to 900 feet off the order propica deck. It provides up to 6800 horsepower and can save ships 10-30% of fuel costs. Is much lower tech than the above design.
They say they can retrofit a ship with a skysail for $250,000. That is a small investment for a big gain in fuel efficiency. For perspective, last year large dry bulk ships were leased at up to $125,000 a day.

There is i recommend generic viagra mexico a second company making similar parasails in the U.S. it's called Kiteship.

deck cargo not necessarily an issue
written by Richard Mercer, November 15, 2008

Not all ships are container ships with cargo on deck. think dry bulk shippers and tankers for instance.

Sails for Sales
written by Uncle B, December 15, 2008
I expected China to how much viagra go to coal if oil was costing too much! And, why not! Fumes soon dissipated by ocean breezes, cheaper than oil, good ballast for boats, sinks when spilled, and mostly, returns to a romantic era when only coal was used! Of course, modern day China with it's surplus of intellectuals and an engineering force bar none, will do this in efficient and environmentally safe fashion! We appreciate the oil barons, but we are not yet beholden to them! Once upon a time, before cheap middle eastern oil, we all used coal, and it worked well!
written by diy solar energy, January 26, 2009
I guess every bit helps. I was reading that Nippon have commissioned the first solar powered cargo ship. The cargo? You guessed! Oh the irony

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