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NOV 11

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"For that much (cost) I'd want a solar panel that was continuously prov..."

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Portable Solar Power Device

Instead of levitra femele keeping a drawer full of batteries in case of a power outage, how about a portable solar power unit? Solar power system manufacturer Solzar has introduced the MSolar, a small system perfect for those emergency situations.

The MSolar device looks like a metal briefcase that is wired with solar panels and includes electronic accessories and batteries. The device comes in three sizes, 20W, 50W and 100W, selling for $646, $1,292 and $2,452 respectively. All three have a battery voltage of 12V and take 10 hours to gel viagra charge.

Other than emergency power uses, the MSolar can be used recreationally and for temporary lighting. It's currently on sale at the Amazon Webstore. For those of use still saving up for that home solar PV unit, this could be a less expensive stepping stone.

via Treehugger

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written by eltham, November 11, 2008
A 100W device costing $2,452 for power outages is simply absurd.

A 4litre LPG gas bottle ($30), a mantle type lamp $19 (with a supply of spare mantles) will do a better job. Throw in a gas camping stove and you have a complete power outage kit for less than $100.

What kind of moron does the greenwash industry think they are selling to?
written by Kelley Cato, November 11, 2008
Reminds me of the solar backpacks/messenger bags they have at those shops in airports.
written by roulette strategy man, November 12, 2008
Modern day energy systems rely on explosion rather than implosion, and this generates heat. This includes electricity harnessed from solar power. Energy systems need to be more efficient and work on implosion, so they stay cool. The non-profit energy research organization at (also ) is active in these areas which will help reverse effects of global warming. They develop more efficient solar cells too. I suggest everyone also read "Living Energies" by Callum Coats which explains the work of Victor Schauberger and the viagra tablets for sale importance of trees to our planet. They also cover efficiency of implosion vs explosion energy systems. Don't rely on information from the authorities as their advisers don't fully understand the life cycles of the planet. We need to push the authorities to develop forest management and sustainability plans, and this will solve at least part of the problem. But as for solar power, this is partly a solution immediately available to us if we only push the governments to act more on best price viagra online it.
written by Clinch, November 12, 2008
For that much (cost) I'd want a solar panel that was continuously providing power to my house, not just providing power to a battery, and then being completely useless until I had used the battery, and needed to recharge it.

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