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"We've been dealing with fire ants for years. They've invaded our mobil..."

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Solar Powered Death Chamber for Ants

antcharmerWe're don't generally promote the mass slaughter of tens of thousands of animals. But under very specific conditions, we'd say it's OK.  For example, if the animals are exotic, invasive, poisonous, dangerous, and live in mounds of earth that likely bubbled up from the seventh circle of hell.

Kill Fire everything you can do it. But if you can do it with a solar ant charmer and viagra now absolutely no pesticides, do that first.  This Ant Charmer converts the suns rays into low energy electric signals that attract ants to natural viagra for men the device.  Once in the cone, the ants can't escape, and simply pile up in a mass of teaming ant flesh that is probably the most dangerous thing you will ever have in your back yard.  Frankly, I'm surprised that the government didn't develop these, seal them, and then write up a classified plan on how to use them as bio-terror weapons.  I am so afraid of the picture on the bottom...I can't tell you.  I'll just say I've had bad experiences, bad experiences that ended with me pantsless and screaming.

After you've collected a good number of levitra price ants (there's a gauge on rx online viagra the side that tells you roughly how many you've caught, topping out at 50,000,) close the device and lift it out of the ground (preferably while wearing a bio-hazard suit.) And then add soapy water to the ants to kill them.  Wash out the device, and do it all over again. 

Technically it's a very eco-friendly way to kill the bastards, but it seems extremely frightening to me. 
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Other ways to kill ants!!
written by Rob, September 16, 2006
The wife of one of my work colleagues, vacuumed up a severe infestation of ants, that had appeared in her conservatory.
She then felt sorry for the best way to buy cialis ants, alive in the vacuum bag, so she sprayed a load of ant spray down the hoover tube.
She then turned the hoover on..........

It was a drum type hoover and the resulting explosion, blew the top completely off, luckily she was ok.

So there's one potential customer for the Ant Charmer. ;D
Natural Ant Killer
written by Connie Weddell, September 17, 2006
This is interesting, but have you ever checked out

This solution drowns ants instantly with a solution that penetrates their waxy coatings. The solution is 100% organic and will not harm children, pets or the environment in any way.
written by J. C., September 07, 2007
why doesn't it just magnify the sun's rays and just fry them?
written by Weathertech, November 15, 2007
Would the the best site cialis low price massive massacre of ants affect our ecological balance?
Feel sorry for them... :(
fry them all
written by burn or boil, August 31, 2008
Use boil water or spray hairspray then light it with fire. ;D
they drown
written by A.M., July 07, 2010
We've been dealing with fire ants for years. They've invaded our mobile home several times, especially in the kitchen. We don't use poisons on our farm. I use a Rainbow vaccum (has water in it) & suck up the ants. They drown. I've had times where I fixed dinner, had food on the stove & before we could come back for seconds, the ants had swarmed the stove. Last fall I discovered a fireant highway across one whole room. I sat for hours every day, sucking up ants. After about 10 days I was amazed that the ants I was seeing were all new ants ('cause I'd sucked up the others) & they just kept coming. But after about 2 weeks I only saw a few now & then. Then they stopped & I haven't seen them again. At times I counted as I sucked them up - thousands. Outside I use hot water & liquid laundrey soap - stir up the nest with the woodstove poker, then pour in the soap, then the hot water. This got them out of my tomatoes in my front yard. Probably not good on the good bugs in the soil but...! One winter we ran two pigs in our garden to canada cialis root up the fireant nests. The pigs seemed immune to their stings. By spring there was definately a dent in the ants but they've come back now (pigs are in freezer). The pigs seemed to smell the ants' food dens as they rooted in places we knew the ants were thick.

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