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DEC 22

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"The gods look down on you with favor, Americans! They give you this la..."

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Find Out Your Roof's Solar Potential

A few companies have sprung up recently that map an area's potential for renewable energy, but engineering company CH2M Hill is the tramadol cheapest us price buy online first to map on a very detailed scale. Homeowners can use the software to find out the solar potential of their actual rooftop, not just their neighborhood.

The website,, showcases the company's first mapped location, San Francisco. The website uses Google Earth to map the city and levitra online no prescription residents can look up their own homes, commercial or government sites. When a user types in an address, the map zooms in on wow look it how much cialis a satellite image of that rooftop and displays information on the size and solar potential of the roof, estimated electricity that could be produced and electric bill savings, and the CO2 that would be avoided if that roof generated solar energy.

San Francisco has benefited greatly from this project since the city generally wasn't considered to have a wealth of solar opportunities. The website has revealed solar hot spots and the mayor now has a goal of generating 31MW of solar energy by 2012.

As the company adds more cities to it's mapping database, we could see a dramatic increase in the production of solar energy around the country. This type of software is generic viagra safety greatly needed now when most people are ready to get on board with renewables, but they need more information to get the best results.

via Time Magazine

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written by L3, December 23, 2008
Baseload - baseload - baseload
written by terry hallinan, January 05, 2009
Solar can simply not replace fossil fuels on anything but the margins unless or until it is baseload.

Appreciate mention of the enormous footprint.

Best, Terry
Visions From Above!
written by Uncle B, October 04, 2009
The gods look down on you with favor, Americans! They give you this last sacred information from above, and what you do with it is left open to usefull link cheap viagra with fast delivery your heart's desires. The warning remains: The "Cheap Oil Era" is over! Ayatollah in Iran wants a holocaust in his name on the books in Heaven, and Israel obliges him readily! The Armageddon approaches, and save for Americans avoiding oil consumption, and the financing thereby of this battle, at all costs, he will have his way! America, "the fatted calf" will belong to the Prince of Darkness, the Ayatollah will have his place in Heaven, and the Jews will sell off the scrap metal that once was the Mighty American Military to the Chinese for ten cents on the dollar as they have done throughout History! Beware! America! The dark horse rides on! The dark horse rides on!

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