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JAN 02

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Solar Dominates Cleantech Venture Investments of 2009

So now that you know my opinions of which innovations of 2008 are going to change the world the about a less subjective metric. In fact, this list is purely objective, simply listing which cleantech venture deals managed to pull the largest number of dollars.

All together, the top ten account for about $1.8 Billion dollars, with all but one of those deals being in the canadian drugs levitra solar power industry.

Indeed, this has been the year of solar power deals! The only deal in these top ten venture cleantech deals that wasn't solar was the $166M series B funding for Range Fuels, the company that's building America's first cellulosic ethanol plant.

The largest deal was Fotowatio's $350M deal to start consolidating solar power projects in sunny Spain. But the majority of investments were in much younger companies trying to buy tramadol online a href scale up production.

The capital costs were high for all of the small solar companies trying to make a go of it this year, regardless of female cialis which technology they were using. But CIGS solar manufacturers fighting to be the first to market took home three of the top five spots. Nanosolar, Miasole and levitra usa Solopower all took home more than $200M of funding in the last year.

Solar thermal, a less technologically advanced, but still rapidly innovating field got a lot of investment dollars as well. eSolar, Solel and BrightSource all brought in more than $100 M from various investors.

Thanks to GreenTechMedia for compiling the list!

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Posting problems!
written by Clinch, January 04, 2009
This isn't relevant to this article, but I can't post in the article I want to post in, ( this one- ) because it only seems to display the first 10 posts, and wont let me see the subsequent posts, or make one myself, regardless of what I click on.
But other than that, all the other changes being made around here seem to be working.
Deals not Solar
written by Mitchell A, January 05, 2009
I would like to point out that Amyris Biotechnologies
$90M Round B funding for synthetic biology using
microorganisms to create biofuels is also not solar.

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