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MAY 04

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"If the waste heat could be diverted to a sterling generator, more elec..."

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Skyline Solar Emerges from Stealth with Dreams of best and cheapest viagra pills Grid Parity

This isn't the first solar company who's said they'll be competitive with grid cost of electricity within the year, but they are certainly notable. Skyline Solar is keeping costs down from every possible angle to make their dreams of grid parity (at least in California) a reality.

The system is a concentrating trough that focuses light on buy prescription cialis without a tube containing inexpensive silicon cells. The mirror troughs are being built in auto-industry plants that are currently not being used, and are being designed to be stackable for shipping and levitra shop on line easy deployment.

The passive heat-management system should keep the buy cialis online site photovoltaics cool enought to maintain optimum efficiency without adding much to the cost.

So far, confidence in the company is fairly high, with almost $25M in venture capital and a $3M grant from the DOE under it's belt. A demonstration plant should be online within the year.

Via GreenTechMedia


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written by Lubna, May 04, 2009
This is great news!
love and PEACE
written by Mihai, May 05, 2009
This is a very interesting news, Thanks!
written by Mia, May 13, 2009
Great news!
PV trough
written by CelticSolar, May 15, 2009
Interesting. Trough systems usually use oil or brine to boil water. I wonder how long the PV will hold up under that intensity. Good luck to them.
excellent news
written by Earthship Biotecture, May 24, 2009
this would be wonderful!
written by Rob Chant, June 02, 2009
Always great news :). I wonder how big a plant they're planning?
written by Fred, July 01, 2009
cant wait to see that demonstration
Trough and Sterling
written by Ecir Nodnarb, May 17, 2010
If the waste heat could be diverted to a sterling generator, more electricity could be had.

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