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MAY 11

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"i like this idea but it sounds expensive, and what abt those kids that..."

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Solar Park Bench Would Provide Free WiFi

While not necessarily the most efficient use of solar power, I sure wouldn't mind having a few of tramadol best price these in my town.

Some crazy designers with some extra time on their hands have put together a design for a solar-powered wifi and buy viagra at a discount lighting system that would be built into a park bench.

A simple thin-film solar panel would sit under a glass pane...and then you or I would sit on only now pfizer viagra uk the glass pane. The system would also include a 3G linked wifi node so people sitting on or around the bench could get free internet access.

The price, of course, would be a bit steep, but what worries me more is that the get levitra prescription system would suffer greatly if it were actually popular. I mean, in some cities, free WiFi would pretty much guarantee that several people would be sitting on the bench 24 hours a day (especially during sunny times.) And if your butt is blocking the sunlight...what's powering your wifi??

Via TreeHugger and Coroflot

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What's powering the blocked solar panel?
written by Andreas, May 11, 2009
How about some inlets for biogas.....
Don't stop with the bench
written by Rojelio, May 12, 2009
Why can't we cover virtually every rooftop, every fence, every telephone pole etc... on earth with solar capability? It's hard to get excited about a couple of park benches.
written by Fred, July 01, 2009
i like this idea but it sounds expensive, and what abt those kids that vandalize public places

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