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New LED Bulb has Built-in Remote for Dimming AND Tuning

For the folks who are still complaining about the light quality of CFLs (buy nicer ones) the LED revolution is cialis online buy going to make you melt. Martha Stewart beware! Soon you will be able to change not only the brightness of the light in your home, but the color of the light as well. This new LED bulb from Sharp, which will be introduced in Japan in July, comes with a built-in remote sensor. The remote can then alter the brightness and viagra no prescription canada the warmth of the light.

So if you want a nice bright-white light during the day, while you're working, fine. But if that evening you want a warmer, softer light, just touch a couple of healthcare of canada pharmacy buttons and you might as well be eating by candle-light.

OK, I don't actually know if they light quality is that good, since I don't have one here in front of me. LEDs have traditionally had a hard time getting a perfect spectrum, but it seems like allowing for a shift could go a long way towards appeasing folks who think the color of their walls is more important than, y'know, the world.

The lamps have the long-life (40,000 hrs) and low energy-use that we've come to expect from LEDs, though they're not quite as efficient as they could be, since the remote sensor will always be dragging a tiny sip of power.

Via Sharp and TreeHugger


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