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JUN 19

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"Beautiful indeed! I definitely hope this becomes a more available opti..."

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This is How Gorgeous Solar Power can be

There are some misguided souls who believe that clean roof-lines are more important than sustainable power generation. But we'd all be silly to think that someday we won't have both. And, if you have enough money, that someday could be today.

SRS Energy has developed roofing tiles that mimic Tuscan terracotta roofing tiles but contain amorphous silicon solar cells produced by Uni-Solar. The solar tiles are extremely durable, work in a variety of temperature ranges, and link in specifically with tiles from US Tile. The result is a stunning, seamless blend of dark solar tiles and viagra sales in canada traditionally colored clay tiles.

The solar tiles generate a peak of 500 watts per 100 square feet. So you'll be getting less power for more money than if you installed a traditional south-facing, roof-mounted panel, but incorporating this technology so elegantly into the design of the building with be worth a lot of money to a lot of people.

Via CNet

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written by VanillaxSmoke, June 19, 2009
Wow! The solar tiles are so PRETTY! It's such an interesting look, and I WANT IT. too bad i don't have loads of viagra gel money ^_^
why not all blue?
written by Brian, June 19, 2009
Seems like it would look even more attractive if you could get NORMAL blue/silver/black roof tiles to mix in with the solar tiles, thereby making it completely indistinguishable to the naked eye.

Ok you might say it its a darker color, well my roof right now is black & gray composite so......maybe the scientists can solve that problem too.
I agreen w/ Brian.
written by Dan Bossenbroek, June 19, 2009
Having all of the tiles the 5mg viagra same color woudl look much better.
Terra cotta AND slate
written by Robert Stockham, June 20, 2009
There is cialis canda also a company, whose name escapes me, that is producing a similar product that mimics slate roof tiles. Living in an older city like Cleveland, there are a lot of slate roofs and if the price ever comes down significantly, there will be a huge sales opportunity here!
written by Jan, June 20, 2009
Love it! If the aesthetics and cost issues of solar power are handled, I think everyone in my part of the world would be willing to adopt it.
The green energy mainstream
written by Terrence Muray, June 20, 2009
You know you've crossed a milestone when clean energy solutions -- once relegated to the hills of Vermont are used by large suburban macmansions.... This is good.smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Justin, June 20, 2009
Those must be terribly expensive, but I couldn't agree more with the idea of aesthetically integrating photovoltaics with traditional roofing materials.
re: green energy mainstream, but use logically
written by Madison, June 21, 2009
Both the terra cotta and and slate solar tiles are great ideas and the more options consumers have, the better. Especially when the product is delivered in a modular fashion and easily installed on new & existing structures.

It would be nice, however, if the prevalence of McMansions that Terrance mentioned in his comment were reduced through zoning and intelligent urban design.

Some reduced efficiency solar panels probably won't be of the best site real levitra much comfort in 10-20 years when there's no more cheap oil to recommended site buy levitra pill support suburban sprawl developments.
Here's another one
written by Mark Bartosik, June 21, 2009
Here's another one:

Which happens to be my house, shameless plug, but relevant.
Unfortunately my roof does not face south, but it looks cool! The tiles at the edge are concrete tiles, which are not so popular here in North East.
Re: make the whole roof blue.
written by Jonathan, June 22, 2009
That was my first thought as well, build the generic viagra generic levitra entire roof with a uniform color palette. That would make the solar tiles blend even more pleasantly.

Weren't there articles recently about new car paints that look like dark colors to the eye, but reflect heat almost as well as white? If you make the (unpowered) roofing tiles with such a pigment, you could blend the entire roof without the penalty of increased thermal gain.
Need a lot of roof area
written by bbm, June 22, 2009
Sounds like you'd need at least twice the roof area for these that you would with standard solar pannels. Do-able, though if cheap enough. But they look expensive.

Any cost info?

written by Steve, June 24, 2009
Have they finally got system -not just the PV array, but the inverters, that big battery and buy cialis at a discount installation- prices down to where the interest cost is not greater than the real viagra online cost of grid energy? Oops, I forgot depreciation. Even if you expect the PV array and the electronics to outlast you, the battery will go away in ten years or less.
Electrical Engineer
written by Joseph Frisco PE, June 25, 2009
Hmmm. 53 W/m^2, why bother? I'll bet they are expensive (take a lot of energy to manufacture) and are a maintenance nightmare. I wonder how well the thousands of electrical connections will fare on canadian online pharmacy no prescription needed a rooftop environment. A rooftop seems to me to generic cialis usa be a perfect accelerated aging environment for fragile electronic equipment. smilies/smiley.gif

However, I bet they will still look good after they stop working in 7 years.

written by sendai, June 26, 2009
For grid-connected systems, there's generally no need for a battery, the PV is there to reduce overall consumption (or if you have enough, to add electricity to the grid.)
re Electric Engineer
written by Mark Bartosik, June 26, 2009
You have a good point.
I have a similar system (see
In my case the tiles are 3ft wide and thus has a lot less connections than the blue system, but more than standard panels. I did some mean time between failure analysis, and am more likely than not to have zero contact failures in 20 to 30 years based on the data I had.

Also by connecting in multiple strings a bad contact only causes a percentage loss of output.

I looked into this quite a bit.
The MC3 connectors are very positive fit and contact, and are weatherized, being under the roof out of the weather I expect much better reliability than under traditional panels.

The other way to interconnect is to make holes through the roof deck on connect on the inside (if accessible). I didn't like this idea. Because the membrane on the roof deck is my waterproof layer (the tiles are mere protection for the membrane).

(I too have BEng in electron engineering)
Cowboys, Hicks and Hilbillies, Lost in the Past, Low-rated comment [Show]
Efficiency will get better.
written by Jerry Waxman, June 27, 2009
500 watts per 100 square feet today is a long way from not long ago. I don't think it'll be long before aesthetic panels will do much better. And at a lower cost. Thanks for this post
written by Fred, July 01, 2009
thats really creative how they changed the design
A Big Step
written by Richard Taylor, AIA, July 02, 2009
This is a big step in the right direction! There will always be a market for larger homes, but this is one way to make even the biggest "McMansion" have a smaller energy appetite! Thanks for finding and sharing this!
Gross oversight!
written by Bryan, July 02, 2009
The above installation is downright ugly - but there is a simple solution: produce a black-colored (non-solar) tile for the rest of the roof. Sure, it would absorb more heat than the terra-cotta, but it would also by definition be in areas that don't receive as much direct sunlight. I think a uniform color would look MUCH better.
Photo Shop
written by russ, July 16, 2009
Here is a site where you can get a different view of the roof (all terracotta) and a bit (very) different outlook.

I don't know who is correct but it sure smells like there is a dead rat somewhere around!
In Florida we have lots of lovely Pink Roofs to gaze at
written by ouchthathurts, August 11, 2009
Somewhere there is a company that will actually spray your roof with the right chemicals to order cialis canada produce electricity.

Why all the talk about connections has no one heard of wireless?

The tiles are great everyone likes a blue roof but there must be choice of colors.

It doesn't really matter what great technology is invented there are always some people who insist on walking rather than catching the new fangled thingy called a bus!

Somewhere out there
written by ouch no kidding, August 15, 2009
are unicorns, and pots of gold -- just follow the rainbow.

Regarding the solar tiles, these people have no idea what they're doing and I would warn you to do your homework before considering. I used to design BIPV for a living, work for a major PV manufacturer, and I know what I'm talking about and usefull link next day cialis therefore can't comment "on the record". Just do your homework.
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, December 23, 2009
I guess this day and age beauty matters. Still the look and design of these solar panels is quite remarkable.
Roman villa style house...a farfetched dream, but hey.
written by Francis9105, December 29, 2009
I've wanted to build a Roman villa styled house ever since I became interested in the Latin language in 3rd grade. I doubt that I'll ever be able to as I'm hoping to become a writer/teacher...still, if I did have the money, I'd be sure to use this kind of roof tiling!
when can me make solar solution cheaper?
written by so good, January 09, 2010
Why is it solar solution is prohibitively expensive for most home owners?
Is it because conspiracy of energy/oil moghuls?
Why don't make it cheaper?
What happens to that spray-on solar solution that's supposed to be bloody cheap?
written by ecolover, January 14, 2010
That's great!!! I think that in a few years, the price will go down b/c everything starts out as THE trend and costs a lot then the price gets lower and lower. i can't wait til i can afford these!
really helpful
written by Jason, February 02, 2010
looks like money means a lot everywhere...
Solar Hot Water Systems and the European Union
written by Solar hot water heater Peter, August 08, 2011
Global warming is not bull, but reality, I've seen ponds, and lakes that used to freeze over for weeks on end when I was a kid stay ice free for years now.
What a difference 3 years makes
written by Green Iowa Energy, May 14, 2013
It's been about 3 years since you posted this. looking at all the comments, its crazy to see the difference between then and now. Solar has dropped tremendously since 2010. If it continues to drop, maybe we'll all have pretty blue shingles on tramadol 10mg our houses. smilies/smiley.gif
written by Zana@GreenTravelReviews, January 23, 2014
Beautiful indeed! I definitely hope this becomes a more available option to solar power. I only wonder why they didn't panel the whole roof.

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