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JUL 28

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"Ken, no idea what it cost, but whatever is costs, the price dropping. ..."

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Italy Planning Another Giant Solar Array

Italy has been showing its commitment to solar power in a big way.  Just a few weeks ago, plans were announced for covering the click now buying real levitra without prescription Milan Trade Fair with an 18-MW rooftop solar array, the world's largest, and now the country will also be able to it's great! viagra 100mg claim the second largest rooftop array.  The new array will be on cheapest cialis prices the Interporto di Padova in Padua and will have a capacity of 15 MW.

The array will take up 2.7 million square feet, consist of 67,500 solar panels and will be able to produce enough power for 5,000 households.  Once up and running, the array will prevent the emission of 9,000 metric tons of CO2 a year or 3,200 metric tons of crude oil.

Construction will start in September by Italian solar PV-maker SOLON.

via Treehugger

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written by Ken Jones, July 29, 2009
Out of cheapest generic levitra curiosity, how much does this all cost? What noxious chemicals are used in creating these panels? How is solar power green? What about using less power?
written by camarco, July 29, 2009
I agree we should use less energy, but then I'd rather have a coal plant producing less (energy but also CO2) then building one solar plant less.
written by Fred, July 29, 2009
Italy is on the right move
written by Bob Wallace, July 29, 2009
Ken, no idea what it cost, but whatever is costs, the price dropping.

In the early '90s the retail price of PV solar was close to $12 per watt (2008 dollars). Recently I've seen a couple of adds for PV solar at $3 per watt. And the price should continue to fall.

Nasty stuff is used in creating PV solar. But it's contained within the manufacturing process. Unlike, for example, the nasty stuff that is released when we burn coal for electricity. Pollution from PV manufactuing is generic viagra overnight deliver western union a non-issue.

Hard to get much greener than solar. We don't have to rip off the viagra professional scam tops of mountains to get the materials needed to cheap cialis uk manufacture.

We don't pollute during manufacture or during use.

Energy payback is now measured in months. Panels repay the grid the energy needed to manufacture them. Since we've made a lot of panels to date and hooked them to the grid one could make a reasonable argument that we are now using solar power to manufacture more solar panels.

And, yes, it doesn't get better than conservation. Conservation is such a no-brainer that it's amazing that the citizens in some states still use twice the electricity as the citizens in others.

We can save huge amounts of power with conservation and that will make it much easier to replace coal with solar, wind, wave, tidal, and geothermal.

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