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"Sure, Bubba's goin' to drive to the races in his F350 dually and we like it viagra in spain watch..."

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NASCAR's Pocono Raceway Getting 3 MW Solar Array

Let's face it.  If someone asked you to guess which major sport would be the first to have a 3-MW solar array powering one of its stadiums, you probably wouldn't guess NASCAR.  Granted, most professional sports have a nice-sized carbon footprint, but only racing actually involves burning fossil fuels in the "game."  In an effort to offset some of that carbon, the Pocono Raceway in Pocono, PA is building the afore-mentioned large array in an old parking lot on viagra side effects its grounds.

The Pocono Raceway Solar Farm will cover 25 acres, include 40,000 solar PV panels and is the world's largest renewable energy project at a sports facility.  The energy produced will be enough to fully offset its yearly electricity consumption - serving as the primary source of electricity for the stadium and also feeding enough electricity to generic levitra on line uk the local grid to power 1,000 homes.  The array will prevent the emission of 5,100 tons of it's cool levitra pfizer 50 mg CO2 annually.

The solar farm should be up and running by next spring,

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It's a good thing...
written by Bob Wallace, August 10, 2009
Sure, Bubba's goin' to drive to the races in his F350 dually and watch very low MPG cars drive fast in circles.

But it's going to put lots of solar panels right smack dab in his face.

Awareness is the first step on the levitra discounts road to change....

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