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Google Developing Own Solar Thermal Technology

If you don't like how something's done, do it yourself.  Google is taking that idea to heart when it comes to solar thermal technology.  The company has been disappointed with the progress in this sector, so it's developing its own mirror technology that will supposedly make solar energy cheaper by at least half.

Google is experimenting with different materials for making the mirrors, trying to find an efficient and levitra and women cheaper solution.  The company wants to viagra online usa cut the cost solar thermal installations by half, but hopefully by 66 - 75 percent.  Currently, a 250-MW solar thermal installation produces energy at a rate of about 12 - 14 cents/kWh.  The company would like to develop a product that would lower that cost to 5 cents or less per kWh.

The company is planning on it's cool cialis discounts having a prototype ready for internal presentation within the next couple of buy cialis online cheap months.  Then they will perform aggressive testing to make sure the technology can withstand decades of wear.

Google is also working to develop a gas turbine that would run on solar power instead of natural gas that could lower electricity costs even further.

via Reuters
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written by bill, September 17, 2009
There are a large number of companies already involved in solar thermal research. Why if Google does some solar thermal research would it be newsworthy? Google has not actually discovered anything, and they might never find anything.
written by Matthew McDonough, September 17, 2009
Google is taking over the world. While I don't necessarily like this idea I can think of some worse companies to do it. Google is at least showing up on this website every once in a while: powering servers with power from the get viagra online ocean waves, investing in geothermal power, and now with solar thermal research.
Why is it news worthy? Google is a young, ambitious company with LOTS of money. These are good qualifications for making leaps in technology.
written by Jeff Green, September 17, 2009
I'm all for anyone and everyone getting our world where we need to only for you levitra canda be. Two thumbs way up for Google.smilies/grin.gif
written by Tate, September 17, 2009
Some of my stocks are in Solar-only companies, so this might not help them (it might actually hurt them) but Google's reputation alone (a pretty positive one) can help the industry become more mainstream. The free market will not take care of this problem alone, but when forces like Google make headlines in solar, it is a good thing.
Google the Energy company
written by Mark, September 17, 2009
Google is doing more in one year than ExxonMobile has done in regard to renewable energy for the past 20. Consider that Google is not an energy company!!!
Gas turbine?
written by RV, September 17, 2009
Google is also working to develop a gas turbine that would run on solar power instead of natural gas that could lower electricity costs even further.

How can you develop a gas turbine running on sun? Is the sun going to make gas from ... what??!?!?!
@RV: Solar Gas turbines, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by BLK, September 18, 2009
Its great that google is looking to make renewables competitive but as bill said many other startups are doing the same thing. I would rather see google make significant investment in some of visit web site lowest cialis price these companies without the expected ROI in 5 years
written by octopod, September 18, 2009
Sure -- drive the competition! Nothing wrong with that.

Honestly, though, I don't see why they're getting into this sector, given that they've invested in numerous other solar thermal companies already (eSolar, Ausra), and those ones have gotten pretty far along this path already. I mean, eSolar has its first plant open already and an armful of deals lined up, and I assume Ausra and Brightsource are doing similarly. Kind of a weird move. Then again, maybe Google thinks this is their last chance to get into the viagra cheapest energy sector?
written by Roger Brown, September 18, 2009
"How can you develop a gas turbine running on sun? Is the sun going to make gas from ... what??!?!?!"

There is such a thing as a closed cycle gas turbine that uses air or some other gas as working fluid rather than steam. You can read a little bit about them at Whether or not such turbines can outperform steam turbines is questionable, however.

What does this say about the country as a whole?
written by Robb, September 18, 2009
Why can't regular ol' scientists and engineers come up with these solutions as cheaply and efficiently as a massive private corporation? We should all be thankful that Google at least appears to have benevolent purposes, because they seem capable of pretty much anything in terms of technical solutions to serious problems. Monopoly, anyone?

Robb Hughes
Head of Sales & Marketing
Green Meetup
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written by Lee, September 20, 2009
GM is a good example of why a Google minded company is needed to the best place canadian healthcare levitra move us off the dime. GM was convicted of cialis generico conspiracy in their killing our nations electric trolley systems and also crushed all the EV-1 electric vehicles because "no one wanted an electric car". GM was just given billions of your tax dollars so they could continue crushing superior companies and technologies. Coal and oil are no different.

So if a Google does not come along to break the hold of these all powerful, self centered dinosaurs who will?
written by Hue Phuong, September 20, 2009
It is the failure of US capitalism and Government oversight itself which has prevented the US from re-configuring itself.

Anyone who thinks that Google is a white knight is order cialis now delusional. That company is exploring all avenues with which it can monopolize or control commercial sectors. Google would love for you lemmings to pay them to read books instead of going to a public lending library, they track your online behavior in order to sell the generic levitra vardenafil data to marketeers.
written by steve, September 22, 2009
First off it is great that Google is spending its money trying to improve performance and price. There is nothing new in this that will in anyway hurt either Esolar or Brightsource, it can only help them out. The current mirrors used in trough systems are very expensive. They use curved special glass and have a silver backing. They are very efficient but cost over $200 a pop. The current 80 MW plants (would be about 100 MW’s now because of better system efficiency) use over 190,000 of them. Anything that would help out cost, while maintaining efficiency, would be very helpful.
Not sure about the gas turbines without natural gas but I have heard some rumors about them. They are now building a solar field, in Florida, that will assist the steam side of a combined cycle gas turbine. I believe it is about 50 MW’s. There is also a project in California, that has applied to be built, that will combine a biomass plant with solar.
Not sure where you get the current price for a 250 MW solar plant as none exist at this time.
Google's Plans will Boost Business
written by Kristen McCown, September 23, 2009
I think Google's plans will boost solar businesses. Obviously, they will have to buy cialis online uk employ solar companies to do this work and that will lead to more jobs in the solar industry.
They may be looking at a Stirling Engine
written by Eco, September 23, 2009
Not a new invention, DOE as been looking at them for some time.

5 cents a kwh is cheaper than coal. If they do THAT by the end of the year, Google stock will be worth more than Exxon.

Whatever it takes, we need it.
New mirror technology.
written by Ormond Otvos, September 23, 2009
If you make the mirror of generic viagra cost front-silvered or gold-sputtered plastic, and can hold the the best site viagra 20mg specs for shape, and cover the reflective surface with a thin layer of magical clear plastic, similar to the clear coat on automobiles finishes, it might be cheaper than glass. My eyeglasses are really weird lightweight optical plastic on titanium frames, for instance.
Hats off to Google!
written by Solar Water Heating Experts, September 23, 2009
Solar companies should be excited about Google's efforts to reduce the cost of solar. That is one of the biggest market barriers, isn't it? Why not make it more accessible for everone? This will not reduce market share for existing solar will make the solar market larger overall.
Yay! For Google!
written by Tim Cahill, September 24, 2009
I think this is great - more large corporations should start thinking this way. Thanks, Google!

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