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OCT 20

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"There is always concern about finding shade to park in. Any help to cu..."

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Solar Powered Google


Google's entire corporate campus in Mountain View, CA is going to become a 1.6 megawattphotovoltaic installation.
This installation will include almost 200,000 square feet of photovoltaic arrays on top of Google's buildings as well as parking lot shade structures (a greatdual-use that generates electricity as well as shading the cars parked in thesun all day so they need less air conditioning and thus use less fuel).

Whether this was prompted by the recent passage of pro-solar power legislation in California or not, it will be one of the largest corporate solarinstallations, and is expected to result in almost $400,000 in annual energy costs at today's rates and is expected to pay for itself within 7.5 years.

via: BoingBoing
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Less air conditioning...
written by GTW, October 23, 2006
Do people at Google park their cars and work from them? Or do they leave the cars running with the air conditioning on to show their prosperity? I can't figure out why else one would need air conditioning in parked cars.

The entry almost looks like the levitra no prescription poster did an automatic find on "shade" and replaced it with "requires less air conditioning and thus use less fuel". Statements like these just make no sense and it just makes it harder for people to viagra sales in uk take the subject seriously.
written by nts, October 23, 2006
You better think for a sec, before posting comments smilies/cheesy.gif
When I get into my car, that's been standing in the sun, I max the aircon for quite some time smilies/wink.gif
written by John, October 26, 2006
The cars will need less air conditioning because they'll take less time to cool ONCE you turn them on. (i.e., if you get into a car and it's extremely hot outside and the car is sweltering, it takes more AC to cool the car than if you get in the car and it's relatively cool already. A modest savings for sure, but a real one.
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
I lived in Houston for a long time. If no one knows, it gets hot there. There is always concern about finding shade to park in. Any help to cut down running time for cars can help. The whole point to solar power is to help clean the air. I know what I say next will be mean and bitchy. Was GTW talking out of his ass? Or was he stoned? Google, of all people, need every square foot they can get.
rationale problem
written by brian, June 22, 2007
to the viagra in uk best of my knowledge, car air conditioners have a duty cycle. When it's on, there is order levitra a constant load on the engine, regardless of varying the temperature control (which is basically just a bypass valve, controlling the mix of cialis urine flow a/c coldish air with ambient to produce the desired output temp). so...."need less air conditioning" would imply that it would be turned off when a desired set temp was reached, which most people just don't do.
written by brian, June 22, 2007
I meant "car air conditioners DON'T have a duty cycle"
written by mbnv, September 27, 2007
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written by 加航, January 08, 2008
There is always concern about finding shade to park in. Any help to cut down running time for cars can help.

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