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New York State Grid Increases Net Metering


The state of New York has opened up its electrical grid allowing further net-metering with the passage of a bill in the state legislature following a "Net Metering Summit" in the state last year. Among other provisions, the new regulations cap interconnect fees for small facilities under 25 kW, and allow non-residential wind- and solar-power projects to participate in net-metering arrangements.

The new law also helps move New York closer to its '45 by 15' goal which targets the fast delivery viagra State meeting 45 percent of its electricity needs by 2015 through increased energy efficiency and we recommend levitra 100mg renewable energy.

Net-metering provisions in state laws are one of the fastest ways to speed the adoption of residential and small-scale renewable power production from wind, solar, and other renewable sources. A statement from Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, noted that "Net metering propels us into the 21st century and moves NY forward as our electric meter moves backwards."

via: NA Windpower

images: / CC BY 2.0 and Martin Bodman / CC BY-SA 2.0

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Good for NY
written by Amy, March 01, 2010
Great news from NY - way to bring this law back to what it was originally intended to do.

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