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APR 28

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"Don't worry Fred. Alien space junk collectors are already station just..."

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Japan's Solar Spacecraft Ready to Launch

Japan's solar sail-powered "space yacht" is all set to launch on May 18.  Ikaros (Interplanetary Kite-Craft Accelerated by Radiation of the Sun) will be the the best site buy cialis on the internet first spacecraft of its kind to attempt to indian online levitra reach deep space.

The craft's 46-foot sails, outfitted with ultra-thin solar cells, will be steered by mission control from the ground, tweaking the angles to ensure enough of wow it's great how much is viagra the sun's rays are hitting the craft to keep it powering on into space.  Other solar-sailed crafts have gone into space, but none have made it beyond orbit.  One reason could be that it's not a cheap mission.  The JAXA space program has already spent $16 million on this project.

Ikaros will be launched into space by a rocket along with Japan's first Venus-bound satellite before they separate and viagara substitution Ikaros goes fuel-free for the rest of its journey.

The Planetary Society also has a solar-powered space flight planned for sometime this year.  It will be interesting to see how the two fair.

via Popular Science

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That's actually pretty cheap for space.
written by Chris, April 28, 2010
$16 million for a space project really isn't that much...
written by Fred, April 29, 2010
That is a very low price for putting a vehicle up there with the possibility of exiting the discount generic viagra usa rx solar system and heading for deepest space. For that price the Japanese have been cutting corners for sure.

Who is responsible for the space junk which this vehicle will inevitably produce?

written by kinetic e bike, May 06, 2010
great news, but what kind of scientific data can this spacecraft collect and send back ??
written by patrick, May 14, 2010
I think they named it after Icarus on purpose, but I can't imagine why?? Icarus's wings melted and he fell to his death after FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN! :O
written by Sapoty, July 27, 2010
Don't worry Fred. Alien space junk collectors are already station just outside the kuipher belt. They can't wait to get their claws on it.

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