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JUL 16

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"I just did a quick back of buy generic cialis the envelope calculation assuming that the ..."

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Solar-Powered Spacecraft Speeding Through Space

The IKAROS solar-powered spacecraft launched by the Japanese space agency JAXA is officially propelling through space using only solar energy.

After a successful launch on May 21, the craft's 3,000-square-foot sail unfurled without incident and viagra generico today it was confirmed that IKAROS was harnessing the sun's rays and speeding through space.  The team of scientists back on follow link 100 mg levitra the sale online viagra ie ground will control the craft's velocity by changing the angle of the sail, which will maximize or minimize the amount of radiation hitting the solar cells.

The team measured the thrust from the solar light pressure at 1.12 mili-Newton, which is what they expected.  You can check out JAXA's press release here for charts of the craft's acceleration and more details.

The IKAROS is the click now canadian pharmacy levitra generic first fully solar-powered space craft to tramadol scam attempt to reach deep space.

via Inhabitat


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Solar "power", but not the way you think :)
written by Velenux, July 17, 2010
to make it more clear: this project uses "solar sailing", capturing momentum from photons impacting on the sail itself and in part from solar wind, the thin solar cells (small black rectangles) are for powering up the electronics, but the speed don't come from electricity!

check for more info smilies/smiley.gif
written by tee are, July 19, 2010
how long will the solar power last if the spacecraft in the space for a long time?
written by Jack, July 20, 2010

written by tee are, July 19, 2010
how long will the solar power last if the spacecraft in the space for a long time?

...No it won't last but it will fade eventually due to distance traveling away from the sun. Their solution (from what i have learned - DISCOVERY CHANNEL) is that they will bombard this with laser that is generated from the spacecraft itself. Pardon me if my idea i got was wrong (just sharing though). Thanks...smilies/cool.gif
written by infrared camera, July 27, 2010
This is the first solar-sail powered spacecraft I've heard of. I wonder what the wow)) woman and viagra current velocity is. Your other post on this mentions "solar cells" in the sails. Are those PV, and hence generating electricity while also catching photons for actual forward drive?

Very, very cool. Sounds like a tiny sail and craft, but still really interesting stuff. I know they've also theorized about powering these from earth-based lasers, but I don't see any mention of that. Thanks or the write up.

written by Jesse W, July 28, 2010
I just did a quick back of the envelope calculation assuming that the acceleration is constant and non-relativistic effects, and the solar sail will reach the speed of light in almost 10 years exactly. Of course this is recommended site viagra online wrong due to relativity and because the acceleration will decrease as it moves away from the sun. BUT in 10 days it will be traveling at 2 million mph, and I think my assumptions are okay here.

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