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JUL 19

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Solar Plane Tackles Two-Week Flight

We've been keeping you up to date on the Solar Impulse, a manned solar-powered plane that just completed its first 24-hour flight.  It was a great milestone for solar-powered air travel, but an unmanned solar-powered plane is attempting an even greater feat.

The Zephyr solar aircraft is not only breaking records for solar-powered aviation, it's breaking them for all unmanned flights.  The aircraft has already spent seven days in the air, twice the duration of the us cialis longest recorded unmanned flight, and it's aiming for a total of 14 days.

The craft has been flying above the Army's Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, which is fitting because the potential applications for this type of solar-powered craft include military surveillance (as well as scientific roles like ecosystem observation).

The Zephyr is a super-lightweight, carbon-fiber craft, weighing only 50 kilograms, with a giant wingspan of 22.5 meters.  The wings are covered in thin-film solar panels that charge its lithium-sulphur batteries, which power the engines when the sun goes down.

via Treehugger

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written by Sebastien, July 19, 2010
There is no possible comparison between the two planes. The Solar Impulse 26 hours is a much greater achievment than the Zephyr, which is unmanned...
written by opit, July 20, 2010
I repost my feeds to a cache ( RSS SnapShot! ) every other day which gives a record of good choice canadian cialis for sale returns. Yours was empty even after reloading.
Would you give me a 'heads up' when you have a working feed URL, please ?
Sebastien made an interesting point BTW. The parameters for manned flight include a payload greater than the mass of the Zephyr.
written by ByGoingGreen, July 20, 2010
That is absolutely incredible, and such an amazing accomplishment. I am quite surprised it can store enough energy to keep flying overnight.
written by data recovery, July 29, 2010
Wow!! It sounds good that Zephyr solar aircraft is breaking the cheep viagra uk records for solar-powered aviation. It is surprised for me that this aircraft has already spent seven days in the air, twice the duration of the longest recorded unmanned flight.

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